The Fairest Of Them All.

And hers is an EVIL universe, Cap. Can’t forget that.

Not a huge post here, True Believers. I don’t feel much like I need to do a book report on one of the most famous episodes of Star Trek, “Mirror, Mirror.” So famous in fact, that evil versions of characters typically have beards these days, because Evil Spock had a beard.

Obviously the title of today’s post plays of the title of the episode. Very clever, huh?

Also…does having a beard making you evil mean that hipsters are evil? Or in the anti-universe, are hipsters clean shaven? That seems like a pretty intense riddle, that theoretically could be solved with a trip to the anti universe and a time machine. It’s entirely possible that you would need BOTH.

I wanted to reference the episode, because it is great…the thing is, EVERYONE goes back to “Mirror, Mirror” with Star Trek stuff, because it’s great. Novels, comics, excellently done fan episodes…it is ground that is covered. As a result, I felt like it needed a panel and a punch line, but only one of each.

As for that…as I drew it, I noticed that Lt. Moreau (as depicted here) is more handsy than Apollo. I’m pretty sure that’s not so cool to Cap either. Drawing this made it really clear to me what a challenge the romance comics of the sixties were to draw… you have to get all this Drama into the panel compositions.

Anyway, the moral of the story, as it were, is don’t start relationships with people from Evil Universes. Pretty good rule of thumb. Even Cap knows better, and she makes bad choices.



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