Oh, HAIL No.

She seems pretty mad at those other spaceships.

Lt. Uhura constantly tells the bridge that “Hailing frequencies are open.” That’s where the post’s title comes from…get it?

I really just wanted to draw a Cosmic Conflict here. Some kind of space battle, with the whole advantage of Silver Age Alien American Powers involved. Who are those guys? Honestly, I have no clue. Space pirates of some kind, maybe? Why is Cap outside the ship? Presumably to deal with the attacking guys, that are annoying her with their phasers? Again…I didn’t think it out too hard. I mean, I don’t event know what that spaceship she’s floating next to is, although I tried to make it look cool.

If they are space pirates…arguably it wouldn’t be such a hot idea to just toss a starship at them. I mean…that would probably handle the issue, but she should probably be attempting to protect the ship? Maybe? again, much like the plot of many “Star Trek” episodes, I didn’t overthink it. I just wanted to draw a space battle of some kind, and the whole issue of throwing one starship at a couple of others. Sometimes, that’s the “creative process.”

Her posture was the key here. Again…she’s going to do some kind of overhand toss, but this time she’s going WITH the engines, as you can see. Live and Learn, I guess.

If you are Captain Kirk, how do you write up the report on this for Starfleet? “There was an incident, and one of my Red Shirts stepped outside the Enterprise to chuck one starship at a couple of hostile ones.” How much paperwork has to be involved in that? You have to imagine a whole lot, because someone, somewhere has to be making an insurance claim of some sort.

Also…how annoyed does one have to be to chuck a whole starship at a couple of other starships? I mean…she could just toss the other two out of the system, right? Or for that matter, just kind of punch their weapons off, or damage their engines with a punch. Nope…instead, she’s choosing to hurl another spaceworthy object, with great force. That at least sends a pretty strong message.

Honestly, I’m thinking she’s annoyed, but not super annoyed. She tends to hurl things into the Sun pretty regularly. This seems like a “I haven’t had my coffee yet, and you’re shooting ship’s phasers at me?” kind of cranky.

It really outlines the fundamental problem of being a space pirate. You just don’t know the moment that you’ll stumble upon someone with Silver Age Power levels, that chooses a vastly disproportionate response to your space shenanigans. Something to think about, True Believers.


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