Mission: Devastation!

Because Spock wants to know what shampoo he uses to get such excellent hair, that’s why.

Tonight I’m probably going to play in the first Booster Draft of the new Magic: The Gathering set, called “Hour of Devastation.” It’s still set in the Amonkhet setting, which is Ancient Egyptian in art design, which lent me to wanting to do a kind of “desert setting” post here. Apparently, EVEN ON THE CARDS, things go very badly for the Gatewatch, hence the title of the set.

I didn’t really want to deviate too much from the Star Trek/Sci-Fi setting of the summer, so we got this. It addresses a few important plot points of Star Trek as well.

So…the Vulcans had a leader called Surak, who unified their warring tribes under one peaceful code. There were some that disagreed, and left Vulcan to find another planet, in a sort of exploration/diaspora fleet. Those guys found Romulus and Remus, and became the warlike and cunning Romulans. Got that?

First off…these guys seem a bit dense. If your planet is facing extinction because of tribal warlordism, do you really say, “No…we’d like to keep at that. We’re leaving”…? Seems dumb. If THAT group left together, wouldn’t petty inter-tribal disputes make at least some of them not continue to Romulus, and land somewhere else? That seems kind of likely, and to be fair, some Trek Novels and Next Generation episodes have sort of dealt with that.

So…that’s what the angry, Lirpa wielding Vulcan Warlord in the art is all about. Find a new planet (by the Enterprise’s standards), get in a shuttle to explore it, shuttle crashes (as they do), and you have to deal with guys like that. Honestly, I WOULD just toss ’em into space, they are crazy and hostile.

Booster draft should be kind of like this tonight. Cards that have familiar design, that really get up my sleeve when used against me, prompting me to want to hurl them into space. Space is usually a pretty good solution, if you can swing it.

I’m guessing they have some kind of laser on the planet that could have shot down the shuttlecraft…I mean, these guys were spaceworthy Vulcan Warlords before the disapora, right? Even if they WANT to chop you up with the lirpa, they almost certainly have lasers…they just LIKE the chopping. I’m also imagining that the guy’s suit must be some kind of cool Science Battle Armor, which might actually make Cap notice fighting him.

And yes…I used the jackets from the first pilot, “The Cage.” Cap likes jackets, and she hasn’t worn one pretty much all summer.


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