Artifacts From On High (And Out Of Vogue).

Honestly, even I’m amazed that they haven’t left this desert planet yet.

I’m bewildered that there are no vehicles (a new mechanic from the Kaladesh block) in the current Amonkhet release. I’m not saying that there need to be a huge number of them…not at all. It’s just that the introduction of that new artifact subtype was SUCH a huge deal in the Kaladesh block, and now…nothing. It was one of the few things that I actually liked about the Kaladesh block, and as a result, I was surprised at their absence… especially with the generous number of artifact cards in both Amonkhet sets.

Obviously (or not obviously, if you aren’t a Magic player) vehicles will stay in Standard play until Kaladesh drops out of Standard…which will be some time. As a result, it is reasonable to assume that they will remain in play, as viable cards for much of that time, because some of them are very good, and very useful. Since I mostly play in Booster Draft (competitively), I won’t see too many of the cards in play outside of the school club, or casual play with friends.

It’s the sudden notice of the absence of those vehicle cards, that drove today’s art. I figured that these Vulcanoid warriors wouldn’t have a spacecraft with warp drive (the Vulcan schism was pre-warp, according to Trek canon), but would have some serious ways of getting around the harsh climate of their planet. Sure…they might have low rent battle armor, great. You also (if you’re a space warlord) might like some kind of landspeeder or skiff.

Let’s be clear…Luke Skywalker could afford a landspeeder, and he farmed MOISTURE.

It seems to me that well equipped space warlords would definitely have some sort of sky skiff kind of vehicles, landspeeders that would make Jabba the Hutt green with envy. So, here we go. Obviously, they aren’t going to be too big a deal for Cap…she has a tendency to throw whole starships around. Still…it seems to me like it would be a chore. You just spent a whole lot of time beating up some decently super powered ground troops, and now you have to deal with some kind of skyboats, each that clearly has more of those guys on them, and at least two very serious looking lasers. It’s like doing the laundry…tedious, but not all that hard.

Obviously, we are still on this planet in part because it is summer, and school content is minimal. I could try and get involved in the “Principal Selection” process for my school…but that’s not a thing I want to be involved in. I think that the content here is a subconscious metaphor on my part, about that. Whatever this planet is, it is a setting VERY far away from the Edu-Mountain, with mo real GIANT concerns. Staying there keeps Cap from being involved in other things, like finding a new High Evolutionary.

Which is fine by me. Just fine.

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