Set Phasers To “Extra Crispy.”

Just because you’re nigh invulnerable…doesn’t mean you don’t find tentacles creepy.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…Art Nouveau is HARD. The results look so good, though, It might actually be worth the insane chore that the drafting requires. That’s still a maybe, but I like the way things came out a whole lot.

For the first time in a long time, I also am ahead a bit in the artwork for Adequacy! that’s kind of great to me…although is isn’t that far ahead…I just have a couple of days ready to go. The reason for that is I am traveling, to see an old, dear friend and his wife…the owner (now retired) of Comics Ink, legendary Los Angeles comic book store. When he retired, he moved up north to the wine country in Napa, where he has a beautiful second home.

I usually get to draw when visiting, but didn’t really want to get bogged down in much beside the posting, and the drawing. Doing the digital work that actually puts art onto the web site…I kind of felt that I wanted to minimize that, as much as humanly possible. The best way to do that, of course, was to put a few days worth of drawings in the computer already. I took that plan to heart, and the art above is one of those pieces.

While drawing it, I shared the work in progress with a reader, who promptly asked, “So they left the sand planet that they have been on the past couple of days?” I was pretty amazed by that…I didn’t think ANYONE put that level of attention to the “plot” of Tales of Adequacy, especially during the summer. Honestly, I’m not sure if today’s art does suggest that they have put that desert planet in the rear view mirror. There could easily be come sort of horrific tentacle monsters under the sands of the desert, and one assumes that Kirk, Spock, or McCoy would have had a change of clothes beamed down for Cap. I’m not saying that the Enterprise HAS moved on…I just am not sure that they HAVEN’T.

As for the tentacles, and Cap’s obvious look of upset…they are gross, slimy tentacles. If those just sort of snuck up on you, you’d jump too, even if you were night invulnerable and super strong. Cap doesn’t have what I like to call “Batman Syndrome.” In modern Batman comics, it is completely impossible for the Dark Knight to be surprised at all. He never jumps or screams, and the must awful things are met with the same sour expression as his e-mail. A dozen unexpected ninjas in the cave? Whatevs.

It does not matter to Cap that she can handle those things. They snuck up on her, and they are gross. She screams, jumps, and blasts it with the phaser so that she doesn’t have to touch them. Take note, Scott Snyder…I’m talking to you.

The minidress was fun to draw, as well as the go go boots. Cap doesn’t dress in a very feminine way most of the time, by design, but that’s not to say that she won’t. Getting her hair done…that’s another story.

Also…given that the current “Magic: The Gathering” release (Amonkhet) was partially responsible for the whole “desert planet” setting…it’s more than fair to suggest that there are tentacle monsters beneath the sands. There are PLENTY of tentacle monsters in the current “Standard” competitive card sets. As a result…I’m willing to say that sure…Cap has stopped beating up Vulcanoid Warriors and Sky Skiffs, but they are probably still orbiting/on that planet.

Since about one reader REALLY seemed to care, I felt like a continuity ruling was in order.

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