Stow Your Carry On Bags In The Overhead Compartment.

To be fair, she would have thrown him into the nearest star.

A Jeffries Tube is no place for a deal Tellarite. That’s the moral of today’s story.

I drew this with the whole premise that I would be FLYING to Napa Valley. Flying is not something that I normally do, because airplanes are generally not my bad. Cramped, stressful, with TSA searches that seem to be Constitutionally dubious, and a general distrust of the technology that makes planes fly add up to something I AVOID. In this case, it was kind of unavoidable, so…the choice was made to use an airplane.

The plane, however, gave me the FEAR. That will be a later post, I’m quite sure. Suffice it to say for now, Santa Rosa is a small airport, so small planes come and go from it.

Still…the art was based upon the premise of being on a flying vehicle, and stowing things in the overhead compartment. A Jeffries Tube is NOT an overhead compartment, but suited my purposes well. Ironically…I was unable to stow things in the overhead compartment, because the plane was too small. Too small.

So, there is that. I’m posting this from the guest house of my friends beautiful retirement home, so it all worked out pretty well, I should think.

About the art, for all of you “continuity” readers. Obviously Cap an applejack are on the Enterprise, which is fun to do interiors of. Is the ship still in orbit around that desert planet? I have no idea…I hadn’t really thought about it. They could be.

The mystery of the dead Tellarite stuffed in that Jeffries Tube? We won’t be coming back to it. It was a one time sight gag. I’m not going to develop that guy as a character, and write some mystery about his death, for a one shot sight gag about overhead compartments. Summer content is odd, but not that odd.

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