Challenge of the Dino-Riders!

I really, really just wanted to draw Cap throwing a good sized dinosaur with guns on it into space.

There’s not that much more to this. Presumably, the Dino-Riders are the Vulcanoids’ last tier of hostility toward Cap and the crew of the Enterprise? I mean…the sky skiffs seemed like they might be more powerful and effective, but there was that whole concrete box riddle thing from yesterday…honestly, the whole thing is pretty unclear. This will be the last of Cap having to run weird errands on this crummy planet, so that’s good.

I think that the whole reason that Red Shirts are so delicate is because if they weren’t, they might blunder through the plot the way that Cap is. Granted, they can’t just throw dinosaurs into space, but they could certainly prevent the story from going in “The Right Direction” by simply phasering the clues that Kirk and Spock are supposed to do something clever with. I’ll bet that there was something in yesterday’s concrete container that was interesting, but that is almost certainly destroyed by now. Possibly why they unleashed the Dino-riders.

What was most fun for me was the Silver Age conceits of the composition, here. The large foreground boulder, which can be used to just print exposition in, is a staple of the time frame that I have just never tried. I love the bombastic, retro chic way that it came out, although it’s not a visual device I can use cleverly that often. I also really enjoyed the Dino-riders standing in the background, shocked. These are the total bad @#$es that were all over the beginning of this so-called “story arc,” now looking kind of freaked out. Give these Vulcan Fanatics some slack, True Believers. If someone yanked you off of your gun-dinosaurs, and then threw that gun-dinosaur into space with one hand, you’d be freaking out too.

Also, there’s a call back to the first time these guys appeared, where Spock told Cap that she shouldn’t just throw these guys into space. Obviously, Cap thinks that a different rule applies to gun-dinosaurs that you might be riding.

There’s not much more to today’s post, Good People…sometimes, its just something I felt like drawing.



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