Not So Great At Responsibility…

She’s in a bit of trouble with Kirk.

This almost adds up to a continuing story of some kind! Yesterday (scroll down) our hero threw a gun-dinosaur into space, and apparently hit the ship with it. She wasn’t really being insubordinate, because she pretty much agreed to not throw people into space. Gun-dinosaurs are a different matter entirely. However, she was handling that order in the way that I handle a whole lot of orders…following the letter of the expectation, and pretty much failing on the spirit of the directive.

I think, ultimately, that wouldn’t have been an issue. Except…again, one of those gun-dinosaurs hit the ship.

Kirk isn’t happy about that. It doesn’t matter that the ship wouldn’t be damaged by it…in proper Original Series Star Trek, the ship is HOLY. Kirk would be ready to blow something out of orbit for scratching the white paint. That’s a major difference in the J.J. Abrahms “reboot” films. Those films are constantly wrecking the Enterprise, which apparently is made out of tissue paper now instead of Duranium. The sort of cavalier attitude toward damaging the ship is my one serious issue with the films, which by and large have been enjoyable.

In terms of our story…Kirk had to have Scotty go outside the ship, in a spacesuit, and fix the scratch in the paint. As a result, he’s kind of peeved. I guess that’s reasonable? Sure.

I was asked already (by someone watching me draw it) “Wouldn’t it be next to impossible to hit the Enterprise in orbit, with a mid sized dinosaur? Given the vastness of space and all?” It was a GREAT question. Fantastic.

This week I’ve been observing very Silver Age Sensibilities. Given those, improbable coincidences DEMAND that anything you throw into space is going to somehow bite you in the @#$ later, as an unintended consequence of your “solution.” As a result, it is virtually guaranteed that one of those flung into space gun-dinosaurs would become an issue, and given Cap’s nigh invulnerability, it would have to be a social issue of some kind.

Sadly, this is also a pretty good analogy for the way that I deal with authority figures and hierarchies. I say that because I only have about a week left of vacation…a little more than that. Once that week is over, I need to descend back into a world where those kinds of rigid hierarchies exist.

That’s not an inherently bad thing. The Edu-Mountain will have a new leader though, and that’s always an unusual proposition. I’m thinking of taking a lesson from Cap’s time on the Enterprise this summer, and just trying really hard to stay out of the way of people above my pay grade.

With that in mind, it’s also time to shop for some Red Shirt stuff at ThinkGeek, and then hit the drawing board. The Enterprise will be leaving that planet (finally), and one presumes that they are already underway. Kirk can chew someone out while the ship is moving, after all.


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