He’s Got A Force Field, And A Flexible Plan.

It’s a legitimate question…but she is really annoying Kirk.

Until you sit down to draw a giant space serpent, or dragon (or whatever it is) attacking a spaceship, you don’t realize how hard it is. You normally don’t have to think of things like, “Does it bite, or smash it up like a giant python?” Since an old friend of mine famously said, ages ago, “Live by the python, die by the python,” I decided to go that way. But then…where do the coils go? It was a big deal putting this together, in terms of composition.

Mostly, I’ve wanted to draw some kind of exterior space battle…except that having one spaceship kind of blasting another was visually boring. If I can figure out a better way to go about it, sure, but it seems played out. Plus, Cap can just deal with spaceships by stepping outside…we have actually seen that twice this summer. Not visually interesting….at least right now. In a few months, I may very well want spaceships just whooping each other as content….who can say?

I did feel like I needed something like the Apollo God Hand…a threat to the ship that if you had a Silver Age Super Red Shirt on board, you would pretty much be obligated to say, “Just go deal with that.” A giant space python seemed to easily fit that bill…it has to be Silver Age in its attributes, solely from living in space as a giant dragon snake. How does it move? What does it eat? Questions that just can’t be answered, so let’s just not talk too much about them. In this case, it wants to eat a starship.

Again…if you had Cap just hanging around, you’d would definitely want her to get it off the ship…it is CLEARLY scratching the paint. Kirk won’t have that nonsense at all.

See how she is asking a question that sort of picks at the inconsistencies in what she is and isn’t allowed to do by her supervisors? Yeah. That’s why authority figures hate me, and it is one of Cap’s more crummy personality traits as well. Being fair…Kirk did JUST chew her out yesterday about throwing gun-dinosaurs into space…so it is reasonable to assume she would be unclear that it is perfectly fine to dispose of space pythons in nearby stars.

Which apparently it is. Who knew?

Definitely the Prime Directive is no problem here…since the space python doesn’t have a culture that they would be interfering with. I’m pretty amazed actually, that I haven’t yet gotten into a Prime Directive based problem…it’s pretty central to “Star Trek”, and in fact has had an entire novel devoted to it. Kind of just…not touched it yet. I’m not necessarily sure that I will…if I think there would be something fun to draw as a result of it, sure.

I’m in my last week before school restarts, so this plotline, such as it is, will have to wind down over that time frame. It has been fun, so I’m definitely going to miss it. In fact, thinking it through, I probably have three days of content between that, and getting her back on earth.

Definitely starting to ramble a bit. That’s often the way of summer posts. Stream of consciousness, often working out the next pieces of content. Honestly, as I kind of get together in my mind the pieces I want to cover (which vary from minute to minute), it seems like I may very well have more than enough content for the next week. That’s a good thing.

I’m not going to draw Cap tossing the space python into a star…we pretty much and consider it done. I’d rather draw other stuff.

Off to the drawing Board, True Believers!


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