The Food Chain…Reversed!

We all know that this ends with the plant creature being thrown into space.

Today’s art definitely hails from origins in the Silver Age of comics. This summer, since issue No. 1701 of “Tales of Adequacy,” I have read a huge number of Star Trek Comics, of various publishers and vintages. Arguably some of the MOST interesting of those are the ones published by Gold key Comics, in 1967, when the TV show was first being aired. What makes them so incredibly compelling is the creative process used: the creative teams had NEVER seen an episode of Star Trek.

The results are some incredibly wacky, often inconsistent, Silver Age science fiction comics with a sort of Star Trek veneer laid over them.

In the first issue, the Enterprise winds up exploring a planet with lethal plant life everywhere. A redshirt gets turned into a plant creature, and almost immediately killed by another plant creature, and the weirdness just moves on, and on from there. In the art above, the vine plant is clearly turning the screaming redshirt into some sort of tree creature…you can see the branches coming off the guy. This sort of mischegas is par for the course over the entire Gold Key run.

By all means, check out the first issue, “The Planet of No Return,” by clicking on the title. The title is the link, and the book is online, in all of its Silver Age Goodness. Remember…the plot is that Kirk, McCoy and Rand explore a planet where plants are the highest link in the food chain, and the plants are hungry. So cheesy, that it becomes cool again.

In addition to the retro grooviness of the comic, there is another reason that the carnivorous plant made the cut for today’s art. I’ve been playing “Trexels” on my Android tablet, a fun, mostly management oriented game based on Star Trek: The Original Series. It’s quite frankly adorable, but so far I have twice needed to deal with violent plant creatures on plant dominated planets. The game led to the comic book, which led to the art.

I’m pretty sure that red shirted guy is doomed. Cap has no medical training, and he’s already turning into a plant. I’m also pretty sure that Kirk and Spock are going to be super mad at Cap, because she is almost definitely going to throw the whole thing into space out of frustration.

I was thinking about her methods here, as I drew it. I’m pretty sure that the guy is screaming because she is clearly pulling VERY hard, with her Silver Age Super Strength, on the huge vine/tentacle wrapped around his waist. That kind of thing has to hurt, because, well…she can easily throw the whole thing into space. Granted…she has to get a hold of the vine thing, but maybe she could be a bit more delicate. It’s possible that he won’t have to worry about turning into a plant at all, what with the organ compression.


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