All Good Things… (Part One)

You know she is totally thinking of stealing one of those starships.

We are at that point. Summer is ending, and it is getting very, very close to the point where I need to go back to work. I’m starting to accept that reality, with a kind of grim resignation. I’ve been getting things together for school, cleaning out my school bag, buying some clothes for work…the usual kind of things that you do for kids, actually. The long term shenanigans of summer vacation are winding down, and it is time to go back to work like an adult.

That’s why Captain Robert April is telling Cap that it’s pretty much time to get back to Earth, and get back on the things that she actually stands for.

Captain Robert April…there’s some trivia for you! He appeared in the last “Star Trek” animated series episode, and he is the first captain of the Enterprise. Before Captain Pike, who wound up in that super unfortunate situation in the two part episode “Menagerie.” He’s a pretty obscure reference that I felt that I had to make, having never gotten around to Pike.

Initially, I envisioned this as more of a “conversation”, where April explains a bit about how Kirk is kind of tired of her antics, and maybe she should be reassigned. That seemed really lame, but the holdover from it is the setting…some kind of starbase or shipyard, where they either dock or make ships like the Enterprise. The more I drew of it, the more I had “Search for Spock” in mind, where Kirk and his cronies just straight up steal the Enterprise.

It turned into what it is…the suggestion that yes…maybe Starfleet is a bit exhausted by Cap, but at the same time, there really ARE things on Earth that need her attention. Probably more than a few.

I have yet to decide whether I’m actually going to do a page of a Constitution class starship being stolen. It seems fun, in some ways…but I also wanted to do a color post to end the summer, and color is a time consuming chore. There’s also not really a whole lot of color with all white, gleaming bright starships. I’m still pretty unsure of what I’ll be doing when I sit down to the drawing board later.

There’s not much more to today’s post, though…it’s Cap, being told by Someone in Authority, that it’s time to go. They are both wearing the Original Series Dress Uniforms, which always confused me a bit. The Dress Uniforms didn’t have the “mission badge” of the Enterprise on them, but instead, the various medals and awards that the officer had earned. Kirk and Spock had a few, sure…but every Admiral they speak to has a @#$% ton of those things.

Kirk and Spock save whole planets on a frighteningly regular basis. Kirk is the best Captain, and the Enterprise is the flagship, with the best crew in the fleet. If that’s the case…what the @#$% did all those Admirals do to get all those medals that Kirk and Spock DON’T have? Are they all for paper pushing, and approving things?

I used that mentality in the illustration. You’ll see that Captain April has a ton of little doo-dads and medals, but Cap just has two dinky little badges. It’s a tiny detail, but a big picture like this is composed of tiny, tiny details. In fact, I didn’t want to obscure any of those details with a speech balloon, so I decided to go with the “New Yorker” cartoon style quote caption. In case you were wondering about that.

That’s all for today, True Believers…!


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