All Good Things… (Part Two)

So, yes…I did decide to draw her stealing a starship.

I mean, she does have to get home, right? That’s the point of this three parter.

As I was drawing this, I got questions. Heck, I even posed a question in response, that I’ll be putting to you, Gentle Readers, for feedback. The key questions were:

  • Cant’s she fly in space on her own? What does a Silver Age Powered Superhero need with a starship?
  • Doesn’t it take a ton of people to operate the Enterprise? How can one person and a pony steal it?

One of these is a good question. The second one.

As to the first…much like me, Cap gets lost all the time. She’s not all that good at flying either. Who knows how crummy she is at landing. The stolen Constitution class starship has a ship’s computer that responds to voice commands (ha! like my car these days!) and a navigation system that will keep her on track. In addition…it must be tiring to travel at faster than light speeds, but the ship can do that easily.

For the second, much better question…yes, the Enterprise (and ships like it) have a crew of 430 people. It seems like one person and a pony shouldn’t be able to just make off with one of them, except…

According to Trek episodes, that’s definitely possible.

In the only two part episode of The Original Series (“The Menagerie”) Spock steals the Enterprise to bring Pike to the forbidden planet of Talos IV. He does this with the ENTIRE crew on board, which is impressive. One Vulcan is able to basically circumvent the efforts of 429 other people to change course, even when he is not on the bridge. In “Search for Spock,” Kirk, Chekov, Sulu, and Scotty steal the badly damaged Enterprise right out of a locked spacedock. That’s four people, sure…but still less than one percent of the crew. In the “Next Generation” episode, “Brothers,” Data steals the Enterprise with its ENTIRE crew on it…and this is like eighty years later. The ship is bigger, the crew larger, and people have already stolen the enterprise, so the security is better. It still takes him only a few minutes, and there is not a thing anyone can do about it.

So…I’m pretty sure you can steal a Constitution class starship with one person and a pony, and make it go someplace. You wouldn’t want to fight Klingons in it…there is good evidence that would be ALL FAIL. But it would be a pretty sweet, fast ride, which fits the bill here.

To be honest, The thing I’m most unsure about here is whether that big Excelsior class ship outclasses that “fast ride” too much. I just looked at the stats for both in the Flights of Fantasy “Attack Wing” game, and they seemed close, with the Excelsior the better ship (sensibly). The old FASA Star Trek game made this a much bigger mismatch, with the Excelsior seriously outclassing a Constitution refit. It’s not that I care that much…but if the two ships are still at sale price when I play X-Wing next, I will be trying out the match up.

I guess the scenario there would have to be leaving the end of the board, as a win condition for the stolen ship. Sure.

However, as I was drawing, I was pretty glad I didn’t have to draw the front of the saucer on the stolen ship. Presumably, it wouldn’t have anything written on it, because the ship had just been built…but that begged an important question. Important to me at least. You’ve just stolen a big ol’ starship…what do you call it? What do you name it, just for the purposes of referring to it?

Incidentally, feel free to send along suggestions for “what do we call that starship?” Reader engagement is not a bad thing, True Believers!”

For me, “True Believer” was a candidate, since it is also something that Stan Lee says, not unlike “Excelsior.” Some people that are local and aware of both Star Trek, and the webcomic, suggested the following list: Delicious Nerd Tears, Shiva, Cerberus, and Tarantula. Pretty diverse list there, but very much in line with the kind of thought process. In an episode of Star Trek, starships need to be named things like Enterprise, Challenger, Discovery, Excelsior, Intrepid, Voyager, and Yorktown. Very serious, Naval Sounding Names.

When you steal one of those, you can call it whatever you want. anything at all. It’s actually a pretty fun exercise, trying to decide on a name. I’ve flirted with a couple of candidates on that, not just “True Believer.”

Another good reason she needs that ship, is that she needs to deal with the Planetary Shield around the Earth. Theoretically, she could just punch it down, but even with Silver Age Powers, that could be very time consuming. The ship gives a whole lot of options on that front…including just parking it in orbit and beaming down. Convenient.

At this point, I’ve rambled on about nothing for some time, so I’m going to head back to the drawing board for the last part of “All Good Things.” Pencils don’t ink and color themselves, True Believers!


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