Preparing For The Big Show.

This pony is looking forward to entertainment at the Edu-Mountain!

“Theatre is a series of insurmountable obstacles on the road to imminent disaster.”—Tom Stoppard

That quote is pretty much how I feel.

Today, Monday, is the first day back at work as a teacher for me. It’s a meeting, planning, and set up day, called a “pupil free day”, with no students present. There’s a whole lot going on for me, and I kind of dread it, not really knowing which way things are going to shake out on some things.

Things will be different with students in front of me…I always enjoy students in the room, and doing the business of actual teaching. The days of meetings, the politics of the adult relationships, those are the things that I find stressful and taxing. Oddly, I need to get a large number of moving parts together to just make that happen. Apparently, I am moving classes…and in order to do that, I will need a lot of classroom furniture delivered, and FAST. In addition, I will need my two laptop carts, so I can get my students set up on their Schoology account systems…which now run my assignment submissions and grade book. That’s very much a “Day One” item. I also have to meet my new co-teacher, and in a perfect world, get some of her support in making some of that list happen.

I’ll have to meet (and initially deal with) a new principal to make all of that happen. I’m kind of dreading that, because as I said…I work far better with my students than I do with adults. I really just need this new principal to green light the things that I need, and then just kind of leave me to do my thing. In a perfect world, that happens, and I can continue to move forward with all of those items on my list without really having to deal very much with people Above My Pay Grade.

I have a car loaded with all of the random things I think that I’ll need, at least initially. All of that stuff is pretty random. The kind of things that are intended to make me feel comfortable in the environment, so that I can be productive and useful. A new speaker for the multimedia system, some action figures for my desk, new posters and wall hangings…stuff that’s intended to make the room feel “lived in.” This is mostly for the benefit of ME, actually…it makes me feel more at ease, and thus do a better job overall. All of that stuff will have to be offloaded from the car today, and at least secured in the new room, for move in.

I’ve met my new co-teacher, and we have had a few, very brief conversations. At the end of the year, when my partner in Tenth Grade English and I were planning, she didn’t really feel like she should come over and contribute, so honestly…I’m not feeling too good about that from “jump.” I hadn’t actually noticed it until my partner teacher noted it to me, and that fact has pretty much nagged at me all summer. Now, it has become a Thing. Not terrific.

That’s where the Show that Pinkie Pie is waiting for is going to lie. All of the adult interactions. Not only do I need to interact with all sorts of new people, the new principal needs to meet several of the entrenched staff. Our outspoken and litigious Union Rep, for one, and some of the Senior Class teachers for another. When principals change, a whole lot of teachers want to “test the limits” much like students do. Some confront the principal, others don’t really do as much as they used to, seeing if it causes a reaction…the ways of “testing” are diverse. That’s a Show unto itself.

I just need this guy to give me tons of class furniture, my laptops, and a moving crew for my stuff. If that gets done, and done FAST, he’s made a friend. No Show needed.


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