A Season of Meetings.

This is how things are at the Edu-Mountain now…

I didn’t get a post in for Monday, mostly because drawing time was NOT at a premium on the weekend, and furthermore, because I wasn’t sure what to draw. Going to school solved THAT second problem, and FAST.

Today, as often as we could possibly be reminded of it by P.A. announcement, we were all reminded that today would have an after School Faculty Meeting. This is hot on the heels of the last faculty Meeting, where the new leader of the school said, and I quote, “We won’t do this all of the time…just when we need to.” That serious begs the question…what do we absolutely need to meet about this week, that we couldn’t have met about during scheduled meeting time (which was pretty much useless) last week?

Well, let’s see. There is a schedule of “shout outs”, which is a sort of brief but organized peer praising of each other. Obviously, I find that more than a bit phony. That goes to the union segment….which I’m not even going to touch. We got a confusing copy of a memo between our union representative and the principal, and that might be a topic. Either that, or the new contract negotiations, or some mix of the two things. since I got a robo call about that stuff Monday night, I don’t really see why we need meeting time for it.

Then there is a segment including “Fundraisers, School/District PD Update, Classroom Visits.” So…we have talked about fundraisers before, the district PD update is what it is…and Classroom Visits? I’ve been told more than once that the principal was going to come by my class, by him. Four times in fact, and once, I even watched it go into his Google calendar. It hasn’t happened yet. Also…i don’t see why I should really care, if there are future visits. I should always be doing something that is educationally driven, and always something that I can respect if observed. It’s part of the reason that my door is actually always physically open…it ensures an accountability to actually delivering good instruction and activities.

In short…I don’t need a “heads up”, although I guess other like that sort of thing. Again, something that could be e-mailed.

Then a discussion about attendance. The school is really under pressure about that, so that is important. Fact: the only thing I actually HAVE to do is take accurate attendance in class, in a timely fashion. It’s a big deal, and probably actually DOES deserve some more time…so, point on that one, Edu-Lords.

Then some kind of Cafeteria announcement…which I have NO IDEA how it would interact with me. that will be followed a statement about balancing classes…which still hasn’t happened right, and we are in nearly the tenth week of school…half a semester. You can be sure I will have incisive questions about that…for all the good it will do. With half a semester in the can…it’s not helpful to students to make further changes right now. Too jarring to schedules and student continuity.

Then an announcement about a training certificate that had to be in already, followed by Shared Decision making and School Site Council updates…things that I could be updated in an e-mail, and choose not to be involved in.

So…let’s be clear. That’s a packed hour long agenda, with very little that actually connects back to me, as a working teacher. There’s going to be a kind of phony friendly atmosphere, and honestly, I’d rather just start my commute home or grade work. Cap is very much stating my viewpoint in Panel Two, both in posture and words. I really like that panel.

Heck…I like both panels a lot today…even though I don’t love the meeting that inspired them.

I want to go back to our new leader’s quote about this, that I mentioned earlier: “We won’t do this all of the time…just when we need to.” I don’t see how we really NEEDED to do any of that…maybe a few line items, for a much shorter meeting.

I’m not the current Master of the Edu-Mountain, though.

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