Prisoner In Cell 63.

I considered dialogue, but really, it’s more of a tonal sketch.

This will be another “short format” post. I’m actually surprised that I got the art done, and that I’m so happy with it…time was definitely tight on Wednesday, and I was not feeling my best at all. Regardless of those limiting factors, this piece unfolded quickly, and nicely, from the “dutch angle” composition to the layered background items in one image.

Classes have been going very well for the past week, which is fantastic, given that there is an upcoming report card. Grades could be skewing a little higher than they are, but that is something I can address over the next few days, hopefully bringing the figures upward by a bit. Interest in the text (“Persepolis”) is high, and the discussion have seen good participation. Academically, all is pretty much well.

Which really does beg the question, “Why such a tonally somber piece of art?” It’s a good question, and not that hard to address.

My current classroom, as I have mentioned, is TINY. Time spent in it, which is pretty much my entire workday, is very unpleasant. Everything can be going right, and still the overall tone of the day is basically marred by the end, due to the large amount of anxiety produced. Admin is aware of this, and there is a deal on the table to move me back, but for now, I’m stuck in a less than ideal situation.

The new principal could have called a halt to that, but didn’t. He let it happen, which is fine…I guess. Coming into a new school, he didn’t really have a way to know that the situation would begin to affect my quality of life, and in all fairness, he had no immediate reason to care. It seems at odds with his overtly friendly demeanor, though, with the “schmooze and likeability” approach to management.

On that same not, he keeps mistaking me for a different teacher, who looks nothing like me, and teaches a different subject. I could let that slide, if there wasn’t such an attempt to be “social and inclusive.” How many teachers does this guy have that carry around a giant pony, anyway? I’ll tell you: ONE.

It’s not like the Edu-Lords ever make it all the way out to Cell Block 63 anyway. If there is a bright center to the Edu-Mountain (let’s say the main Building with the Offices) I am actually the furthest point from it.

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