She’s Brave, He’s Bold.

Cap wore the fancy outfit for this team up. Tryin’ to look nice and all.

It has been a rough week. However, my report card grades are now submitted…so that is a pretty big weight removed from the schedule. That’s the ten week report card, so really I’m halfway through the semester.

Wednesday saw the administration of the PSAT exam during homeroom, which meant that Senior Class homerooms like mine had three hours with nothing to do. There was a well intentioned attempt at filling that time, which started with an on campus “college fair.” Only a few local universities attended that, and two community colleges. There was a pretty large contingent of military and emergency services recruitment, and an Adult School diploma equivalency option, so the non-college options at the College Fair strongly outweighed the collegiate options. Modestly disheartening. Parents on the West Side of Los Angeles would not be too happy with that.

After that, there was a senior meeting. That was unexpected, but also not all that useful. First, there was a “guest speaker” who is apparently one of the only Latino sorts reporters, and works for ESPN. His “message” waffled back and forth between a positive message of working hard to achieve your goals and not folding to obstacles, and one about how everyone assumes that all Latino are gang members, and that he currently makes a six figure salary. Wild swings between idealism and materialism, with a hefty dose of sarcasm toward the students during the question and answer segment. I’ll call that pretty unpleasant.

Then, students were told their A-G graduation requirements again, by the reading of a Power Point to the auditorium. End off with a statement about the importance of attendance, and you have my entire day, because all of the time wasted on that made each class only 22 minutes long.

Why is Old School Nightwing appearing for a team up, then? Good question.

First off, I wanted to draw something fun and positive, to just plain feel better with such a storm of weirdness this week. Secondly, Nightwing frequently busts drug dealers, which has apparently become something of a secondary cottage industry for me at school. The marijuana usage and trade at our school has gotten pretty much out of hand, and a few Edu-Lords have reached out to me for observation, intel, and supervision.

See, in the image above, the implication is that Nightwing and Cap teamed up, brought a serious @#$ whooping down on some Mega-Drug Lords peddling Ketracel White, and now Cap is making her move. Good story, happy ending. You know that even though Dick Grayson is a kung fu guy and an acrobat, he still brought useful detective work and @#$ whooping to that proverbial table, even though Cap can just bench press a mountain. Like an Old School “Brave and the Bold” issue.

At school though…the team up is not so elegant. People aren’t in place, and it pretty much turns into a one person show. I can put the kibosh on things actually happening, but the necessary “pincher effect” to actually catch and/or confiscate can’t really take place.

That’s a bummer.

Also, Cap hasn’t had any romance in the strip lately, and Nightwing was voted the Number One sexiest man in comics by Comics Alliance in 2013. He also has a pretty loyal following on that front at my Local Comic Book Shop, Pulp Fiction…so he seemed like a pretty good choice for a fling for Cap. Also for a fun, lighthearted image.


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