This Meeting, This Ice-Breaker…!

This is about the third time this has happened.

On Monday morning, the announcements on the school’s loudspeakers reminded all teachers that there would be an “After School Faculty Meeting” on Tuesday. The thing that I have my first beef with is purely semantic. In order to “remind” anyone of something, you have to have actually told them in the first place that the thing is happening.

It was said that there would be an agenda posted to the Digital Calendar, but that didn’t happen either. In fact, no one seemed able to tell me what this meeting was about, despite the fact that the contractual rules strongly state that the agenda needs to be posted at least 24 hours before the meeting. That’s article IX, section 4.3 of the contract, I just looked it up. It was pretty easy.

It isn’t that I really care that much about the letter of the contract. What I mind is that there is a serious propensity to bleed into the hours that we are actually “off the clock”, in order to accomplish things that could have been done somewhat better “on the clock” if we were efficient about it. It certainly doesn’t get any BETTER when the time is partially spent with staff “shout outs” and other kinds of “ice breaker” activities that actually only make me more frosty, when I could be doing other things.

We also have a Union Representative who has been harping on his need for an additional conference period to represent the staff, but seems to have fumbled the ball on this particular thing…a simple matter of work hours. Presumably, we will have some sort of “Union Section” to the meeting, where I may very well bring it up. I might bring it up in advance of that, because I could just as easily be moving onward toward my next appointment of the day…and won’t be, because of someone else’s poor planning.

Obviously, I don’t expect the Union to be effective in understanding or enforcing its own contract. That would be silly.

So today, from about three o’clock to about four o’clock, I’ll be in a a meeting where there will be “shout outs”, another Ice Breaker of some kind, and then a Power Point will be read to me that could just as easily be e-mailed to me. It’s these small quality of life issues that are starting to grind on me this year.

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