Shhh…! Keep Quiet, You Guys…!

Those ARE the droids that they are looking for…!

Not much to say here. This is today’s artwork, which was fun to draw. The day went as well as could be expected.

I had to take a rare day off, which I certainly have enough of them stockpiled for. Even with that, I felt like I was basically hiding from the agents of the Central Office. It was a pretty important health consideration, so it really wasn’t a compromise.

One day isn’t all that much, you know? We have several teachers that have already maxed out their sick days for the year, so taking my rare one day off isn’t that big a deal. Or, more accurately, if it keeps me from being absent for multiple other days, it’s a net positive.

I have to say…I can’t complain much about the day. It’s time that was needed for the “Self Care” that our current leader at the Edu-Mountain keeps mentioning. Even if it did feel like I was on the run from Stormtroopers.

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