The Color Of Meetings.

This is pretty much what it’s like getting me to go to meetings these days.

Or for that matter, to go into the office at all.

I like my job…at least, the parts of it that I get to do most of the time. Things like teaching English, or doing school activities. Even grading and doing report cards, which are pretty dry, but definitely part of what I signed up for. The truly constant schedule of meetings, though…it is beginning to wear pretty thin. There are meetings before school, meetings after school. Meetings on my conference period. Meetings for my co-teacher, meetings for both of us. We have reached a critical mass of meetings.

The meetings have gotten to the point where they are a direct impediment to being able to plan my class with the other teachers who teach similar classes. Considering that part of the reason for “common planning time” is to do just that, the meetings have taken a life of their own, and gotten pretty completely off of their initial point.

In this case, it seems especially foolhardy. Today is Halloween, which will be on the shortened Professional Development Schedule so that we can have an hour and a half of meetings. Students have been instructed that they can come to school in costume, but only if they don’t wear masks, or face paint, or for that matter have anything that could even vaguely be considered a weapon. The last part makes sense, except where it goes a bit too far…a Jedi can’t have a plastic lightsabre, for instance.

Setting a shortened day on the same day as Halloween…it’s just not smart. It’s basically throwing away an instructional day, especially when it wasn’t necessary in the first place. Add to that the level of anger and protest among the students for the costume restrictions (which is quite high), and I’ll be surprised if much gets done. Both in the course of the day, and the meetings.

Most rotten however was the thing that happened at the end of Monday. As I signed out, I noticed that I had a marking on my time sheet for “U.P.” or “unpaid.” That was for the Friday that I took off, for health reasons, as per contract. It’s important to note that I informed the principal in advance, and filled out the paperwork in advance. I even found my own substitute teacher. Let me take this a step further…I had informed the principal that last year the former principal undertook such shenanigans, and I did NOT receive it well. He swore on a stack of Bibles that I need not worry.

Let’s be fair…I didn’t need to worry, because I just wasn’t going to stand for that. The problem is already resolved, but honestly…it was pretty demoralizing. For someone that is constantly talking about a “positive environment” and “self care,” the current leader really made that seem like a lot of hot air with that oversight. Sadly, I think that’s the right word, “oversight.” He’s just not that on the ball, and that is causing various issues to come to the fore.

I was having motivational problems to begin with, as I mentioned at the start of this post. With the reality of nearly being docked for sick time that I’m entitled to, taken practically at the behest of the boss…that’s hugely demotivational. I’m thinking more and more of things like transferring, or for that matter, maybe looking toward another career entirely.

Maybe it will pass, maybe it won’t. Regardless, right now it takes being hauled by the Exterminatrix to get me to work and meetings. Cap looks about as happy as I do, I think.

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