Lasers From On High.

Seriously…she just wanted to get to the parking lot with no hassle…

TIE fighters are pretty low rent for starfighters, but at the end of a hard day, a trio of them strafing you would be pretty @#$%ing annoying. This is pretty much the metaphor for how my days have been going. Little, annoying things, that if you let them go they could do enough damage to be a Big Thing.

To be perfectly honest, TIE Fighters would be pretty rough for Cap to deal with. Sure…she can toss around spaceships, and by spaceship standards, the TIE is actually on the fragile side. The thing is, they are FAST, and very agile in flight. Cap is FAST, to Silver Age Standards of Speed, but flies poorly. She’s awkward and clumsy, so if she wanted to go ahead and punch one of those things, it would probably wind up being some kind of Mega-Chore.

Much like catching up with my students assignments, as they trickle in. Advise that a fifty point essay get done…but instead, wind up with three five point assignments to grade. Let a student know that you’ll be in during lunch to work with them…and they come by after school. There’s a fluidity to handling the current grade problems that is a lot like trying to hold water in your hands as it comes from a hose, or maybe trying to catch a TIE fighter in flight as it pokes at you with starship grade lasers.

In addition, the Fail Notices to my students remain elusive, because the Edu-Lords themselves are being elusive. Today, the notices didn’t get distributed because one of the Edu-Lords wasn’t in. Yesterday, he was off campus for a meeting. Edu-Lords are usually slippery, but this is impressive, to say the least. Pretty much, those Fail Notices need to happen tomorrow…because if they don’t, they will be too late for anyone to act on constructively to make a change about.

Realistically, though…there won’t BE much change. Despite days of admonishment, only a few students are even bothering to attempt to bring their grades up. It’s pretty discouraging, especially with the deadline of the 15th looming ever larger.

That might be why I’m using so much of the Star Wars visual lexicon to illustrate the deadline, actually. The day that “Last Jedi” premieres is the deadline date for all of this work from me, and bears on me with the same inexorable weight of a Sith Lord’s force choke, or oncoming Stormtroopers.


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