Get Ready To Rumble…!

Oh, yeah…! Things are gonna get schwifty!

I wanted to draw this on Sunday, but color takes a whole lot of time. A WHOLE lot. Getting the foreground, which was separate from the background, to integrate with it was a big, but worthwhile job. I’m very happy with the final product.

It looks like Cap and her friend might be fighting in some sort of Cosmic Battle Royale…or it could be some sort of Insane Space Karaoke contest. It could really go either way, to be honest. I’m pretty sure they will still be friends at the end either way, because Cap doesn’t just hand out rings that generate Thing Suits to just anyone. This is in fact only the second time that she has done so, and the last was years ago, before the Rascals formed, when she gave one to a degenerating clone that was her good friend.

The Baxter Building is kind of lousy with Thing suits, by the way. It used to be a fairly common plot point for Ben ( or any member of the team) to temporarily lose their powers. When this happened to Ben, Reed has a whole mess of Thing Suits that made it seem like he still had his Cosmic Ray induced powers. Kind of cool, sure…but Reed could just as easily whip up a suit competitive with Iron Man’s, that didn’t make him look like a rocky orange monster. When you think of it that way…it’s kind of a @#$% move.

Those suits have been used by others in the past, and in fact most recently by Johnny Storm’s girlfriend, who he treated really poorly. In that iteration, the user Darla got a set up for the suit based on the weird 1978 cartoon called “The Thing,” by Marvel. In that iteration, Ben is a teenager who has rings that he can bang together, saying “Thing rings, do your thing!” and turn into the Thing. The rocks would fly onto him from all sides, and form the Thing’s rocky shell, as well as give him the proper super powers. Darla’s rings are engineered, but basically summon the suit’s rocks from wherever, quite suddenly, and form the suit around her.

Presumably, Cap’s friend has the Thing rings…because otherwise, that suit would be SO inconvenient. If you couldn’t break it down and summon it pretty much whenever you wanted, simple trips to the bathroom would become your nemesis. it would just take ages to get into and out of. You’d also have to know, considerably in advance, when the Cromulons might need you to have a Cosmic Cage Match, or do Mega Karaoke.

Many of my students, including one that I deeply like and respect, have been trying to get me to watch “Rick and Morty.” Over the vacation, my fencing team mates and a close friend, independently of each other, had me watch an episode. I found it okay…more amusing than I gave it credit for. The episode entitled “Get Schwifty,” however, captured my imagination and mugged it.

In that episode the Cromulons (those giant, planet sized floating heads) show up to Earth and demand “Show me what you got!” This is apparently a demand for a pop song, and if the song is good, the Earth will be spared and entered into “Planet Music,” a cosmic form of American Idol. Things go downhill from there, in a plot involving Ice-T, the president of the United Stated, and the creation of the title song, “Get Schwifty.” I’ve really short formed it here…there’s a whole lot in the episode.

The Cromulons are pretty tough. At one point, a General nukes one of them, and after the couple of nukes hit him on the chin, he simply says, “Uncool.” Their planetary mass can change weather conditions and affect the tides, given as each head is the size of a moon or minor planet. They can move the entire planet Earth, presumably through some sort of psychic beaming, and travel throw space at warp speeds under their own power.

In short…unlike administrators at the Edu-Mountain, or Sith Lords, Cromulons are tough enough to actually make Cap do something. That made them interesting to me, as well as the bright primary colors of their giant space heads. at least…interesting as background characters.

This post has been pretty random…mostly as it had been conceived during the last few days of vacation. I’m kind of just catching up to completing the art, as it were. It began with the foreground, of the two friends coming toward each other, and had a hazy idea of the Cromulon Dimension/Planet Music background. I inked the foreground, which I’m going to post here:

Less schwifty, in black and white.

In theory, this is the day that I will get my computing assets back in my classroom. We will see. The statement was made that “When it stops raining, we will get you your technology.” That sentence had all the validity of some 1970’s era deal between the U.S. Air Force and aliens for technology to be delivered to Area 51. Nobody trusts it, and there’s significant reason to doubt that the deal was ever made.

Without technology like a laptop for every student, things have been going well. It’s amazing, you can always fall back upon pens, paper, and actual teaching. It has actually been quite nice, because the lack of the computers has actually fostered a greater amount of interaction with the students, and between the students. On some level, I almost don’t want them back.

Tuesday featured a near pointless Professional Development meeting for the entire staff. I’d comment on it here, but it has nothing to do with Cromulons, planet Music, or Getting Schwifty…so it will wait for another time.

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