An Agent of S.N.E.A.K.

That monocle guy seems to have the advantage here…

The thing that I am looking forward to most at school today is the Magic: The Gathering Club at lunch. As a result, I’m heavily referencing the art from one of my favorite cards from the recent “Unstable” release, Magic Word. You put the card on one of your opponents creatures, and the effect reads as follows: “As Magic Word enters the battlefield, choose a word. Whisper the chosen word: Tap enchanted creature.” Tapping it means that it can’t be used, and you can do it whenever you want….so the card is pretty excellent.

I’m working on putting together a deck that pretty much does that…just taps creatures and cards in a very inconvenient fashion. As a result, this card, which you would put on an excellent creature, sort of leaps to the foreground. I probably won’t use this particular card in the tap/untap deck, because the silver bordered “unset” cards are often considered unkosher for even casual play. It seemed to merit an honorable mention though, at least artistically.

The young people that I play with at school pretty much force me to continue putting together new deck designs, as they adapt and adjust to my existing builds. It’s really pretty excellent to have a casual play group that forces that kind of thing. The young people I play with really put a great deal of mental energy, caring, and effort into the game, and into the builds, so the “evolutionary” forces affecting deck builds are pretty strong.

Being a Silver Age Alien American, Cap could easily be outdone by such an attack. It’s not like she has any powers that openly reject a swinging shiny object, hypnotism, or other mind affecting nonsense. That’s a problem that faced Superman, and every other very physical, A-List Silver Age Superhero, in the same way that a 9/9 creature in a game of magic can just be tapped. It’s a frustrating solution to creature heavy builds, which is precisely why I find it compelling right now—most of my students have creature heavy builds.

Since Adequacy has limited continuity at best, I’m pretty confident that Cap will get out of this situation with that creep steampunk beard guy soon enough. Soon enough for the next post, at least, because I don’t feel like drawing him again any time soon.

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