Back To Basics.

Wow. Cap looks peeved by all of this…

This is pretty much how Cap (and myself) would prefer to deal with campus drug dealers. I hope that guy has some kind of mutant defensive powers, because she is slapping him Mega Hard. That’s like a Slap Supreme, True Believers…both basic, and simple. Without any kind of Mutant Durability, that guy would be lucky to have any teeth left, given Silver Age Strength Levels.

This is a pretty heavy handed metaphor for what is hopefully the conclusion of this story arc at the Edu-Mountain. Today, without the principal being involved, a real effort to solve the problems surrounding this one student are going to take place. That’s going to involve a whole lot of moving parts, all of which are High Stakes. Sadly, I can’t say too much about it right now, but I’m going to vaguely outline the shape of the deal. In conjunction with local law enforcement, we are going to attempt to separate the student in question from both negative influences by a change in venue. The goal is to avoid charges and prison, and other negative consequences, and give this young person a “reset” at a nearby school, with no context against them.

In theory, taking the student out of the social situation, and connections to crime and so forth, will give him a “fresh start.” It’s possible, and sometimes works. I hope it does. At the very least…it does move one of the key distributors on our campus to another place, thus removing that amount of inappropriate commerce from our Edu-Mountain. Granted, there are other distributors who will step up to take over the market, but that takes time.

A whole lot of things can go wrong. Adults involved can make bad decisions, and not take this deal. Failure to do that would trigger charges for criminal conduct, and none of that turns out well at all for the young person involved. Just because that is a pretty clear fact, doesn’t mean that the kind of reasonable behavior that I would expect is definitely going to take place.

I think that ultimately, the change of venue benefits a larger number of students than just the one that has all of this going on. Evaluating the “butterfly effect” of interactions here suggests that an overall gain will take place, regardless of how things work out for my “entrepreneurial student.” It’s a tough call, but one that involves both social consequences and hard lessons…but no LEGAL outcomes for a minor who honestly might not know any better.

The art is about that kind of “simple solution”, as well as being about my frustration over the situation. It’s about taking simple, direct action to solve a simple enough problem. Things are easy for Cap. She sees a guy dealing Mutant Growth Hormone at her Edu-Mountain, she can just clock him with Silver Age Strength.

In the real world, there’s a lot of paperwork.

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