Practice Flights.

Cap looks kind of concerned here…

Today, my co-teacher, a partner that I respect, will be running class for most of today. She is in her second year of teaching, so this is a pretty early solot flight for her…hence the art.

This is the first time that this has happened, and is in preparation for her evaluation next week. As a result, its kind of a Big Deal. It’s not that I don’t have the utmost confidence in her…I actually DO. It’s just that…it’s not that easy to hand over the steering wheel, as it were, to something that’s pretty important to you.

This is sort of a “test run” of the things that she wants to do for the evaluation day. for both this, and that day, she will have me to fall back on for management of class, so really…everything should go pretty perfectly. Just like Cap is sort of dubiously looking onward as her partner pilots the Lunar Star Dancer, clearly ready to take over if need be, I’ll be on hand to help correct problems.

I’ve never had a co-teacher do this kind of thing before, so this is definitely a Big Deal. It was worth its own post.

I helped write the lesson plans, but it is entirely her own set of ideas. She has reorganized the physical layout of the classroom, and even made a new seating chart. I’d be lying though my teeth if I said that I wasn’t impressed with all of that effort. She’s really put a whole lot into it…which is part of the reason she gets a cool leather jacket in this artwork instead of her usual Edu-Knight uniform.

Fingers crossed, True Believers.

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