As always, pretty much non fiction…

It has been a rough week for technology at the Fortress of Togetherness.

On Saturday, my beloved car needed to go in for a trip to the kind people at Culver Automotive Center for MAJOR smog related repairs. It will be about a week, and I stopped in today to see the profound level of repair an effort that they were putting in. As I was typing this post, I got a text with photos of their further efforts, which were, simply put, amazing. I may figure out how to get them out of my phone, and do a post just about that stuff, it’s so @#$%ing cool.

Last night, however, I turned on the computer that for the past several years I have used to do Tales of Adequacy.

No go.

It is why we missed a day, and why the post today is about failing astromech units, and replacing them with similar astromech units. Given that everything happened downstairs in the Fortress, a whole crowd of ponies, not just Applejack, looked on in frustration. The computer turned on, as I stated…except that it didn’t DO anything. It just sat there, boot sector unfound, unable to do the business of computing. The thing that it was created for was computing, so that was a problem.

I actually had a very similar computer on hand, as a result of the two being the product of a single grant. That computer has not been updated for YEARS, so as a result, is unable to do the one thing that I currently want it to do…which is access the authoring side of Tales of Adequacy.

Thankfully, I realized that I had yet another, more ancient but less convenient computer that WOULD access Adequacy’s administrative side. As a result, we have this post, but also, today’s artwork. I will have to sit down with the second laptop, and make it the functional equivalent of the first, now malfunctional machine. Ideally, I’ll treat the hard drive as a big USB drive, and port all of the old data over to the new machine.

Right now, I’m a little busy for that, so Cap is ahead of me on that.

The good news is that the brief interruption of service to Adequacy is over, while I figure out the more convenient technological issues.

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