Safety Plan Not Found: Error 404.

Sadly, this is also almost non fiction.

In the wake of the most recent school shooting in Florida, a huge amount of concern has been levied on the safety of school campuses in the United States. Everyone is talking about it, from the President of the United States to the guy that I talk to at Seven Eleven in the morning. Obviously, my Faculty Meeting on Tuesday dealt with that to a degree.

On the schedule, it said that we would be reviewing the District’s “Active Shooter” training video. Two years ago, the entire staff had to watch that video, with district oversight. Some staff turnover has happened since then, so it would not have been a waste of time. In fact, a refresher for everyone was probably not a bad idea. Safety training is never a bad idea, especially because people tend to put it out of their minds, as not that important.

We didn’t watch the video. We were advised to watch it on out own time, because it might be emotionally disturbing.

Then, our principal suggested that safety plans might not be such a great idea, according to an attorney he spoke to. To him, “these things evolve and change in ways that you can’t possibly predict, so you have to adjust, and improvise.” He went on to explain that rendezvous points could be compromised, so we couldn’t really even count on them All this, while he couldn’t recall the key term, “rapid relocation.”

I couldn’t stay quiet. I raised my hand, and proposed that people tend to do things the way that we practice them, so we needed to have some drills that we treated seriously as a staff. That problems like a compromised rendezvous point could be planned around, with a second rendezvous point, and that kind of thing needed to be practiced, or at least tested.

He pretty much sidestepped the comment, and went back to the idea that in a safety situation, all bets were off, and that we needed to “adjust and improvise.” I didn’t raise my hand again to ask who would be held liable for such decision making, because I was pretty sure that it wouldn’t be him.

In the same meeting, our Union Rep ranted a bit about how we had a Big Meeting at lunch on Friday. Apparently Alex Caputo Pearl, the Union’s Darth of Darths, will be on campus to speak to us. In order to motivate teachers to show up, the Rep was offering a one hundred dollar raffle from his stash of ten thousand bucks in two dollar bills. Charming.

He also stated that at the meeting on Friday, we would have the opportunity to “re-enroll” in Union membership, which we “should have done already.” I raised my hand and asked if that were in foresight of the Janus verdict in the Supreme Court, which would allow members to opt out of Union membership. He said that yes, in fact, it was.

I had to follow that with a question about whether that meant it was the appropriate time for member who didn’t feel like they were represented to “opt out.” Our Union Rep said that, yes, it would be, but that was not “his mission.” Moments later, he was equating the Janus case with Donald Trump’s “war on Unions”, in a kind of incoherent ramble that I think was supposed to make me look like a Bad Guy.


To summarize: I spent an extra hour at school today, where my principal didn’t really have a safety plan, didn’t really want to screen the safety video, and pretty much suggested that we should make it up as we go along. In addition, the representative of the union that absorbs close to a hundred bucks off of me a month offered me a raffle to come to a meeting to continue to pay money into his organization. When I offered the counterpoint, that maybe in a month or two that would be a voluntary fee, he pretty much lambasted me in public, despite being “my representative.”

@#$% both of those guys.

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