Steely Resolve.

Damn! Cap tossed her coffee!!

The art was drawn on Monday, and pretty much is about my approach to Monday. Not Monday as a concept, but this particular Monday. Pony Torch seems kind of concerned about it.

I wasn’t too keen on being in school. There were a ton of things that I wasn’t keen on, and I had a veritable mountain of paperwork to deal with, as alluded to yesterday. With a report card due at midnight on Thursday, I wanted to start entering grades as quickly as possible, while double checking, error checking, and re-checking.

I didn’t really want to deal with the Magic: The Gathering Club, nor a whole lot of the “extra” stuff.

As a result, I leaned in hard on the paperwork. I was super efficient about the grading, and used class time effectively with my co-teacher. I did my portion of the lesson, and she did hers, and during the “down time” that I had, I did further grade checking, error checking, and so forth.

During lunch, I did a manual check and enter of grades.

As a result, with days left to go, over half of my schedule has grades entered into the system, ready to be published as report card grades. It’s kind of a relief.

As the day wore on though, I didn’t really moderate my less than great feelings toward the various clubs that I sponsor.I remained pretty aloof, and really didn’t engage that much with the students. That’s pretty different for me, and to be honest…the day went a bit smoother than I expected.

That said, I think I’m starting to mellow a bit. We will see what today holds. At the very least, in a truly perfect world, I should be able to get through the remainder of the report card grades today, which will take a great weight off of my shoulders, in a metaphorical sense.

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