Tolarian Annex Building.

I really enjoyed drawing this.

In this case, I’m putting the pencils up first, and the Kirby Collaged composite image (with Tolarian Academy backgrounding, which was hard to get right) second. I just like the pencils as such, with no background at all, THAT much. Cap looks happy, despite flying (which she is no good at), and Pony Torch looks like a very good friend and sidekick, super happy.

I drew this as a counterpoint to how I’ve been feeling lately. Behavioral psychology suggests that this sort of thing is a good idea. You behave the way that you do when you are positive, you do the things that you do when you are happy, and that should produce a state where your actions have an effect on your mind set.

I’m kind of up and down on that.

That said, I have a whole lot to feel good about. My report card grades are squared away and submitted ahead of schedule. The grades aren’t all that bad either, which is pretty positive as well. Lessons have been going pretty smoothly, more or less, and we should be beginning to write a research paper by the end of the week. In terms of school, those are all good things, and a huge weight of paperwork has been dealt with, ahead of the necessary time table. These are all good things.

In terms of the business of dealing with students…I’ve had a ton of time to deal with paperwork, so I’ve cooled off a bit with respect to the Magic players. I’m finally going to sit down with them, and kind of lay out what I need to happen in terms of…not being uncool. On my lunch hour, I want to have an enjoyable game, I don’t want to have to deal with randomness and unsportsmanlike conduct. I’m pretty sure they will get it. A couple of them seemed concerned about me on Tuesday, having been kind of quiet and distant.

Breezing by some of the big buildings at Tolarian Academy.

On Tuesday night, my Union President called me personally. Granted, I’m kind of a Big Deal in teaching, but that’s not a thing that happens very often. It took me by surprise…even more so when he wanted to more or less preach to me about the Janus case in the United States Supreme Court. He seemed confused that I knew about it, and furthermore, he seemed confused about my reactions to him. To my credit, I stayed polite and intellectual.

No one is more surprised about that then I am.

He asked me, after a bit of “background” on the case, if I had gotten any mail from the Union. I said that I had, and he asked why I hadn’t yet filled out the paperwork to become a member again…just in case the Janus case went against public sector Unions. It was a fair question.

I explained to him some of the negative experiences that I’ve had as a union member. I explained how the Janus case (and Friedrichs before it) spoke directly to the fact that my own union (that I have to pay dues to!) has been on the opposite side of social and legal issues as me, and that Free Speech issue was at the very heart of the case itself. At that point, he started to talk over me, and explained that if I declined Union membership, I was “disrespecting the profession, and a freeloader.”

I pointed out that I have paid easily fifteen thousand dollars in dues over the years, only to have the organization often act directly against me, and was told, “that’s not how it works.” This was after he had stated earlier that it is “fine for Union members to disagree.” So long as they disagree while paying dues, right?

I managed to remain cordial, even as the call ended. I mentioned that I wasn’t disrespecting teachers by not paying mandatory dues, but instead disrespecting an institution that I felt was bad for teaching. That he represented such and institution was unfortunate.

I for one, was very proud that I stayed SMART, and didn’t get shouty. I’m also proud of myself for sticking to my guns, so to speak, with this Union thing. They have mailed me the forms to be “All In” with membership twice, and sent them to me at school twice. Heck…they have started to fill out my name on the forms for me. There have been phone and e-mail campaigns, and they are slanted to make you feel like you aren’t doing the right thing by dissenting with the common view.

If superheroes have taught me anything, it’s that you stand up for what you believe in, even if it’s not popular.

So…that’s another thing to be happy about. Proud of, in fact.

I’m not sure why I’m still kind of depressed. That kind of thing happens, I suppose. There’s only around thirty days left to school, so it is very much the End Game, as it were.

Not hard to get through thirty days. In fact, it’s probably going to go by as fast as Cap and Pony Torch are blowing by those buildings.

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