The Mailman Cometh!

Seriously, this is why I generally don’t read Spider-Man comics.

Spider-Man’s problems are always the same as mine.

He’s constantly worried about how he’s going to afford to pay rent, college tuition, take MJ or Gwen out on a date, and still afford new web fluid. A huge amount of Spider-Man’s plotline always revolves around dealing with Peter Parker’s problems, which are a whole lot like mine.

This month has seen a Smog Check (still in progress), a new water heater and a new refrigerator. Those are some big time bills, True Believers, and they certainly make a person want to be pretty cautious with their initial Summer Break.

Even the animated series, “Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends,” frequently had the financial troubles of superheroes on display. Iceman and Firestar move in with Peter because none of them can afford rent, and often enough we see Aunt May (the landlord in that series) selling off things to pay the mortgage on their place. As much as I like “Amazing Friends” (and I LOVE it…perhaps the perfect 80’s cartoon), that is always something of a downer.

In this case though, I felt like I had to draw Cap looking with frustration at a big stack of bills. Like…Iceman couldn’t have handled the refrigeration for a while? Time to pull your weight, bro.

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