Recalled To Space Dock.

They are going to need to leave Amzot in a hurry, I think.

This phone call actually happened, yesterday. I was pretty excited to get the news that my car was set to go…transmission fine, and ecologically friendly so that I can register it. The cost for making her eco-friendly was…high, to say the least. Not really unexpectedly so, because often that involves a new catalytic converter, and that part involves a significant amount of platinum.

Still…things had escalated quickly. I in no means blame the shop, because, well, that’s how things had to go. They did good work, and my vintage Mercedes runs very well…super smoothly. The transmission job, although time consuming, was done under warranty. If the mechanic hadn’t been so excellent about that, the cost would have been truly astronomical.

It feels like a lot, because my car has certainly racked up quite it’s share of my salary this year. Vintage cars are kind of a lifestyle choice like that, and usually I accept it. Right now…considering the dent it has made in the rest of my lifestyle, I’m a bit less ecstatic than I usually would be. That will pass soon enough, I think.

Ultimately, I’m glad to have the work done. Hopefully the rest of the year is just minor maintenance.

Fingers crossed.

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