Interlude: Nouveau.

Art nouveau is still super hard to do.

The Supreme Court did not rule today on the Janus Case, which puts the “plot” here (as it were) in a bit of a holding pattern. I like experimenting with art nouveau, and miss the daily meetings of school’s Magic: The Gathering Club, so this happened. I’m very happy with it.

It may in fact inform my trip to Build A Bear workshop to some degree. Build A Bear just has NO way to make me a Pony Torch, so initially I was thinking of a Chewbacca like sidekick. In pony form, of course. Each year I make a new pony for the school year, so this summer I’ll need to make it to Build A Bear on that important quest. The thing is…I really enjoy the Magic Club on campus, sometimes…it’s just the best part of my day. That suggests maybe some kind of Pony Wizard might be in order.

No need to rush into things…I have all summer.

I like the strange ponified dragon in the background, and the Wizard’s beard, which does double duty as clouds. These kinds of compositions are super hard to do…from planning to drawing. It did a very good job of keeping my mind off of the impending case.

Cap looks concerned, and to be fair, so am I. Although I’m in favor of finding for Mark Janus in the case, I worry that it might not be the best TIME in the United States for that (in my opinion) correct ruling. I’ve been following the court’s other, very conservative rulings, and really think that it’s kind of a scary time right now. Public Sector Unions funnel a huge amount of money into Democratic candidates, and with the mid term elections around the corner…any disruption of that flow might be BAD. The system of checks and balances requires a diversity of opinions in government, after all.

At this point, the only thing that we can do is wait.

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