@#$% Communism, Part Six.

That martian is having a bad day…being body slammed off of a nuclear facility into open flames.

Apparently, I think of dealing with foreign governments as a threat in the same way as professional wrestling. Which is just fine for a comics creator with the summer off, and not so great for an actual politician. Once again, this was mostly about postures and action, with the central focus being on Panel One. Rocket Red No. 7 really has beaten the daylights out of that Martian…and theoretically the other two super heroes up there.

It’s entirely possible that some of the other Rocket Reds contributed to that battle (since there was a crowd of them), but it’s all too clear that Cap shouldn’t have gone off on her own in the past few parts of “@#$% Communism.” The team didn’t do all that well in her absence. Live and learn, I guess.

Cap’s right though, in Panel Two. This situation isn’t that hard to figure out. Catch the Martian before he goes splat, and then beat up Rocket Red No. 7. I think that this is something that modern comics forget a whole lot of the time. If you’re a superhero, the FIRST thing that you do is save people, and then you try and deal with delivering consequences. I think that shift in values hasn’t always been good for our culture…it puts a really vast amount of emphasis on solving problems with punching.

I’m certainly not saying that I don’t like having action in my comic books and pop culture. Let’s not be crazy. It’s just that…a lot of the superhero stuff being produced now is entirely about physical conflict, and less about being kind to each other, and putting others first. That shift in narrative has been taking place for a long time, but it is very real.

With that said, it is entirely possible that tomorrow’s strip will have Cap giving Rocket Red No. 7 some kind of super beatdown. This isn’t an important psycho social experiment, it’s the summer issues of a web comic.

Gotta keep perspective, True Believers.

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