@#$% Communism, Part Ten.

Disturbingly, today’s summit meeting was actually just as dismal as today’s art.

It was depressing to wake up in the morning, look at the news, and see that our president pretty much denied actual facts today. Although last week the Mueller investigation pretty much handed over undeniable evidence that demonstrated that Russia interfered with the 2016 election, Mr. Trump very much “soft played” the matter with the Russian Leader. The sad reality is that it was pretty obvious that things were going to go the way they did, with the American President failing to trust his own intelligence community.

With that comment on predictability said…I drew this on Saturday, pretty confident that I knew how things would play out. I just had to wake up today, and post it.

Figure there’s one more “@#$% Communism” to be posted, and that will be tomorrow. It’s way harder than you think to draw the Russian President, by the way. I wanted him to be beyond ripped, and really smug, and I think that has been captured. Clearly, he used the technology stolen during the “@#$% Communism” plot here to get A-List Silver Age Powers. The same way that the other guy who lit clone Castro’s cigar got them.

See? Continuity here at Adequacy, which is pretty @#$%ing rare.

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