@#$% Communism, Finale.

Cap is frustrated by international politics. Easy enough to see why.

As promised, this is the final installment in the “@#$% Communism” story. After today, it is on to other randomness, because Summer Vacation is happening, and that happens. Right now, I’m not exactly sure what that will be, because although I’ve been a few days ahead for a little while, I am now currently out of the backlog.

That Rocket Red is the one that Cap really beat up a few days ago. I wanted to draw his face, and also to just have the whole ten to twelve day “story” end with a shrug. It’s pretty fun to draw the weird metal mittens the Rocket Reds wear for gloves, which we have a close up example of in Panel One. Cap’s posture in Panel Two, however, is my favorite part of the day’s work here.

I’m really actively thinking about what goes into the next couple of days. I feel like I want to do a few more “portrait” format, cover style compositions, and I’m also thinking that maybe a couple of team-ups with Pink Batman seem fun. That strongly suggests the use of Color, which I have to do for an upcoming post anyway. It’s all pretty up for grabs at this point.

With that said, hopefully it will be a while before I think about being even remotely “political” again. Fingers crossed.


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