Time Spent In Self Care.

They are trying to deal with current events…

It’s hard to believe that only three days have passed since Monday.

Being on Summer Vacation, I spent a bunch of time cleaning up the Fortress of Togetherness today. While I did that, I listened to the news via my iPad. That’s a pretty mixed bag of a choice. Sure…it keeps my attention, and certainly my interest. The thing is, there is so much BAD in the news, that it made me feel like I wanted to put my hands over my ears and shout to keep out the news.

During the school year, I have a good eight hours per day where I can just…teach class. News is only visible in headline bursts at lunch or after school, or even to be listened to on the way home. It’s very much more a set of mentally absorbable pieces.

Its just way easier to accept that so much happens after eight hours or so have passed, as opposed to the continuous blasts of drama that need my attention when listened to in Real Time.

I haven’t drawn Therapy Clown in a while, so YAY! She is back! I was thinking of including her because house cleaning is oddly therapeutic, and the general stress of the nonsense that the modern world is moved me more toward having them just cream for a while.

I don’t draw the “four and a half” t-shirt that often, but in this instance, I really like the way it came out. I subtly altered the one half part of the logo, which made the whole thing work better visually (to me). If I’m being completely honest, my favorite iteration of that “four and a half” shirt was drawn by a student of mine, who carries a sketchbook with her EVERYWHERE.

When I get to the point where housecleaning is on the agenda, I am certainly very, very bored. I think it’s almost time to go back to school, except a quick calendar check makes that several weeks from now.

San Diego Comic-Con is happening right now…and that’s another thing that makes me want to find Therapy Clown, put my hands over my ears and shout. I’m not going…I never do. Everyone asks me, though. Comic-con is fantastic for people that AREN’T me. There’s a ton to do with Pop Culture, Film, and Television, but comics are pretty heavily downsized. Last year Mile High Comics pulled out, and they are the largest retailer of back issues in North America. Marvel Comics has only a token presence, as does Disney. Lines are so long that you can’t spend real time talking to creators in artists alley, or commissioning art. As a die hard comics fan…SDCC has kind of left me behind for other clients.

There is one great thing though, coming out of Comic-Con, and to my Fortress of Togetherness! For years, there has been a Marvel Ban on Fantastic Four merchandise and on a whole lot of X-Men stuff. As a result, I’ve never gotten any Skottie Young convention pins from New York or San Diego, because they weren’t made. With the upcoming deal to get the film rights to both licenses back, SDCC is producing (via Disney/Marvel) Fantastic Four AND X-Men Skottie Young Pins.

They are pretty much already en route. I like it when Marvel lets me have nice things.


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