Clearly A You-Topia, Not A Me-Topia.

So, this space plotline is coming to a pretty quick close…

Maybe it won’t…there’s a few very retro sci-fi things that I want to draw. The thing is, I got to thinking about the news again, as I listned to my iPad drone on and on about tapes of the President, and threats to foreign powers, and possible collusion with other foreign powers…

I realized that if I were presented with a nearly utopian society, (like Cap in the artwork), I would no longer know how to deal with it. I’d be the one that got angry, adversarial, and probably screwed it up. Or get politely kicked out of it, like Cap and Pony Torch above.

One could argue that the Fantastic Four were in Space along with her…I mean, we SAW them in Issue 2000. They have a tendency to ditch Cap and be uncool, so it’s pretty fair to suggest that they might have done just that, or given her seat on the spaceship to that astronaut from issue 2001. All very reasonable assertions, if you are continuity minded.

I actually prefer my science fiction to err on the side of utopian outcomes, and a more positive universe than a negative one. I think that’s an important part of the escapism of the genre to me. It doesn’t need to be completely perfect…that’s really. I feel like I want a future to be depicted that’s at least better than our world now, that suggests that we get our acts together as a people just a little bit.

Now if someone could just tell the people that lead my actual world that kind of thing, that would be great.

I guess that’s what I’ll be doing when I’m voting. Maybe that should just be the guiding principle. If you seem like you are dangerously divisive and might be setting us backward from the goal of a slightly improved future, then you are a candidate that does not get my mandate. I don’t feel like I’m asking for a whole lot.

Surprisingly preachy post today, True Believers. I blame the News Cycle. At least no one is randomly suing me today, which is in the “win” column.

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