Keep Your Space Hands To Yourself…!

I think that she’s making a pretty fair judgment, there.

The Defenders of the Earth…that’s pretty obscure, even for me. Let’s do a brief history lesson!

“Defenders of the Earth” was an American animated television series produced in 1985, featuring characters from three comic strips distributed by King Features Syndicate. Those key characters were Flash Gordon, The Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, and Mandrake’s assistant Lothar, and they spent all their time opposing Ming the Merciless in the year 2015. So…the dark future of three years ago. The supporting characters (who are in the ship in Panel One) are their children Rick Gordon (son of Flash), Jedda Walker (daughter of the Phantom), Kshin (adopted son of Mandrake), and Lothar’s son L.J.

The show lasted for sixty five episodes; there was also a short-lived (only four issue long) comic book series published by Star Comics (an imprint of Marvel Comics). There were some action figures…it was a small thing during the eighties, when all cartoons were basically half hour long toy commercials.

Being fair, I didn’t put Kshin in the cockpit of that ship, mostly because it struck me that he would have been way younger than Cap in the eighties, and they would not have “hung out” together very much. I can see her calling in some favor to get driven home from deep space on the others, but Kshin seemed like not that great a fit.

I also didn’t feel like jamming another figure in that cockpit. It’s already pretty tight, with Cap and the Pony Torch presumably back in the cabin area. That definitely affected the artwork. Also,as I drew it, I got to thinking that last year Cap had to deal with an immense “god hand grabbing a spaceship that she was on during the summer as well. Let’s take a quick look…

Being fair, those are MUCH larger Space Hands. Well…space HAND, since there’s just one.

If she could just peel those grabby hands off of the hull of the Enterprise, she should be able to take these much smaller giant hands off of that much smaller rocket plane. Would I want to do that after drinking a whole bottle of Rye and yelling at some aliens? (See yesterday’s post if that was confusing…) The answer is “probably not.”

I’ve also had this image on my desktop for a year now, possibly because I wanted to color it. Definitely, actually. What brought it into clear focus for me today (besides the date) is that last year for most of the Summer Cap was rolling with the Crew of the Enterprise (obviously, from the art above), and more than once had to deal with space tentacles. Heck, in the year old art nouveau piece that I’m just about to repost, she is grossed out by space tentacles. Why is space so filled with tentacles? That’s what I want to know.

I definitely see why I wanted to color this. Still do.

Maybe I can find out why there are so many tentacles in deep space. I might work on it. I hope that you all enjoyed this post about well, virtually nothing. It was fun, and we will probably have a bit more of the Defenders of the Earth, because I think they could be fun for a day or two.

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