A Slap Supreme.

It is entirely possible that she will take Rick Gordon’s sarcasm as a good idea.

It’s also not like they DIDN’T need another spaceship. Obviously, they escaped from that big glass cage with no habitrail, but it’s more than a little judgmental to be on Cap’s case about grabbing the keys to another spaceship. The Defenders’ last one was ruined by those giant Space Hands, I think. It wasn’t super clear, honestly.

Still, his point is pretty editorial. “Defenders of the Earth” was an eighties cartoon, and that meant that there were MANY restrictions on how the heroes could act. Even the bad guys, actually. Everyone shoots lasers all the time, but only robots and aliens that don’t look like people can be hit by them. Punching is highly restricted, but wrestling isn’t. Hugely heavy objects could be thrown, but they couldn’t actually HIT anything that looked like it was a person, but could hit robots. The whole point was to manage the expectations of violence influencing kids.

With that said, Cap’s key move here, of slapping the @#$% out of an alien guard, and then taking his keys (if a good guy stole something, that almost always meant a PSA at the end of the episode) is completely Over The Top. The Defenders of the Earth would have judged her pretty roughly, especially the younger (and oddly less tolerant) members of the team.

The other thing going on here is my frustration with Daxamites. The planet Daxam is a Krypton like planet in DC comics, and its natives have powers not unlike superman’s, at the same level of scale. They have a much worse weakness (a lead allergy that is fatal), but other than that, Superman Class Silver Age Powers.

I’ve been catching up on season three of “Supergirl,” and the Daxamites are just…inconsistently portrayed. Sometimes Mon-El brings A-List Silver Age Powers, sometimes he has real trouble punching his way out of a globe made of ice. It’s frustrating, due to the lack of consistency. Hence Cap’s confusion as she hands her Slap Supreme off on that Daxamite Guard. She remembers when they were @#$%ing tough, also in the eighties. In the eighties, Cap and that guy would have to fight…for a while. Now…just one Mega-Slap and we are all clear.

I still think that Rick Gordon is being judgey in panel three. What is he bringing to the table besides a giant eighties era computer system, mediocre space piloting, and a laser that he never gets to hit anything with.

With that said, he undoubtedly flies spaceships better than Cap. And is probably not being chased by a plethora of Mandalorian Bounty Hunters and Process Servers.

That’s all for today! Yay!

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