The Ghost Who Talks.

I’m guessing that Jedda helped out with that giant Space Cat.

In fact, initially Cap’s dialogue was supposed to say that, but speech balloons are only so big, you know?

Of all of the characters in “Defenders of The Earth,” Jedda and the Phantom (her father) were by far the most interesting to me. The Phantom (“The Ghost Who Walks”) is a generational superhero of sorts, with a base in the jungles of Africa. He gets superhuman abilities by chanting “By jungle law, the Ghost Who Walks calls forth the power of ten tigers”, and then he momentarily receives superhuman strength and agility. His real name is Kit Walker, and his headquarters is a Skull Cave. The end credits describe this Phantom by saying “This is the 27th Phantom,” which is pretty much the extent that the show explains the generational nature of the position.

There’s an episode as well, where his older brother and Kit need to compete at their father’s behest. The whole idea is that he’s going to decide who will be the Phantom when he is gone by means of the level of sportsmanship in the competition. Clearly, the 26th Phantom was a stellar parent.

The undercurrent of the show was that Jedda was always going to inherit the role, and eventually be the 28th Phantom, despite having different super powers of her own. Of the junior members of the team, she’s the ONLY one with legit super powers, actually. If you thought about that for a moment, really, it seemed that she would in fact be a way better Phantom than the guy in the suit for the show. Just saying.

That’s pretty much all that drove the art here. The idea that yeah…of the characters that Cap is rolling with now (the Junior Defenders of the Earth), the most effective would be Jedda Walker, and it would make sense that Cap would ask why she hadn’t been promoted. At least to Cap. You have to figure that in the eighties, as a teenager, she listened to maybe half of what the senior members of the Defenders of the Earth had to say, ever. It could easily slip by her that the process of being promoted to the office of the Phantom was the death of the previous Phantom.

I also really like the idea of using mental telepathy to attempt to end bad conversations. Why doesn’t Professor X, or Jean Grey, do that all the time? Seems useful.

Today’s post is once again about nothing…more of an exercise in expressions and posture, just like yesterday. Most probably we will have some action soon, but really…it has been an action packed summer of art.


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