And Now…Sunset T. Shimmer!

Getting ready for the new school year means a new pony!

This post is pretty much non-fiction. In gearing up for the new school year I’ve gotten a few articles of school clothes, packed some stuff to take back to the office, and went to Build-A-Bear to make a new pony for the new year.

I had some considerable debate about how I was going to go, in making a pony for the school year. I went with a friend, and hemmed and hawed a bit, but settled on Sunset Shimmer. I dressed the pony in her signature black and purple cape with flames on it, and the gem collar thing that comes with it. In terms of color its a bright, bright yellow, as opposed to the soft yellow of last year’s pony, with flaming orange and yellow hair.

In other words…it is a pretty loud pony.

Normally I make the new pony at Grad Night, but a number of circumstances prevented that from happening this year. Hopefully, at least one of those things is cleared up, and Grad Night will be a thing for me again. Fingers crossed.

Last year, Pony J. Quill made it into our yearbook as a staff member, and had a staff ID card. I’m assuming that this year I can make the same things happen for Sunset T. Shimmer, but who knows? Things change. As the first day back gets closer and closer, I’m preparing for the return to school ever so gradually.

I really like teaching. I do. This Summer Vacation seems to have gone by very, very quickly though. I don’t have the huge motivation to go back that I usually do at this point of the summer. I think most of that has to do with the Adult Politics, and very little to do with the business of teaching class and dealing with students.

I’ve taken Sunset T. Shimmer out on some pretty basic field trips in the past week or so, to get used to hauling around a full sized Build-A-Bear Workshop pony everyplace I go. During the summer, I usually go with smaller, easier to handle ponies…the ponies do take up a lot of carrying capacity in volume, if not weight. Just carrying around the big pony has gotten me somewhat back into the mood for school, which is a good thing.

Sunset Shimmer is one of the antagonists of the “My Little Pony” series, a magical unicorn who often is pretty mean. Weirdly, that seemed thematically on point for the coming school year, given the preponderance of Adult Issues that I tend to have. They aren’t anything crazy or huge, these Adult Issues, but the definitely put a barrier of sorts between myself and a large contingent of the staff. It seemed fine to have an antagonistic pony as a result.

Although, being fair, I seem to be on an alternating cycle of years, where one year the pony is a “nice guy” pony, and the following year brings an antagonist. Maybe it’s coincidence, maybe it’s subconscious.

While other teachers are buying huge amounts of school supplies, and bulletin board paper, I’m making sure that Sunset T. Shimmer is ready for our big year. Seems right.

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