Sunday Color Bonus Post: New Jacket!

I don’t think she’ll be wearing this often…

There are many reasons why she might not be wearing that often. Let’s look at the list:

  • It’s really, really tacky.  Like, really tacky.
  • The Terrifics are a team because if any of them get more than a mile away from each other, they start to explode.  If that jacket is Metamorpho (it is) then she can’t wear it while going about her own business.
  • It’s a @#$% to draw at all.
  • Even Sunset T. Simmer is looking at her with an expression that says, “Your jacket is super tacky.  Like…Paul Manafort levels of gross.

With that in mind, this outfit wont be Cap’s “new costume,” it’s pretty much just going to be for team ups with the Terrifics (since the FF will probably boot her soon) and times I feel like drawing it.

I did this bonus post for a few reasons.  Let’s review those:

  • A student who is very artistic and I have taken on as a sort of intellectual protege has been encouraging me to do more color.  They even gave me new markers, and coached me in marker technique.  It seemed like I should try some of that.
  • I felt like the first draft of the Metamorpho Jacket just didn’t look like it did in my mind.  There were subtle issues.
  • I wanted to work out the color issues I had with Sunset T. Shimmer.  I did.
  • I like the comic book “The Terrifics”, and have been reading a whole lot of Silver Age Metamorpho.  It seemed on point.
  • This was the way that I had initially envisioned drawing the jacket in the first place.  The other day’s post was me trying to be compositionally interesting.

That’s slightly more pros than cons, and the first pro was a Big Deal.  So we got today’s piece, as a bonus post!  Woo hoo!

In fact, because of the way things played out this weekend, I’m actually ahead by a bit, despite a bonus post (to make up for the missed day this week).  That’s awesome, because it takes some stress off of me, and I want that.  A lot.

I went (in the color version) with the black t-shirt that I suggested would be in play for this outfit, but didn’t act on in its first appearance (two days ago) or in yesterday’s post (feel free to click a button, or scroll to see it). The black T-shirt is reminiscent of the black underpants that are pretty much Metamorpho’s outfit, since the rest of his look is his actual elemental body. The black T-shirt was a good call, it actually subdued the massively busy design a lot.

In the inks, Cap was still wearing her “four and a half” shirt, which I love.

See? The Four and a Half shirt. I actually really like the inks.

Mentally, I usually associate Metamorpho with a single, awesome issue of the Brave and the Bold (from my childhood), where he (obviously) teamed up with Batman. Besides that, he always reads to me as a character from a group called the Outsiders, also started by Batman.

I wonder if subconsciously, that says something. I certainly feel like an Outsider at work. The whole reason for the Outsiders was that Batman felt he couldn’t operate with the Justice League anymore, because they didn’t respect him and his methods. They wouldn’t do what needed to be done. So… he quit, and set up his own team of superheroes, who didn’t have to follow the Justice League’s rules.

I’m not quitting, but certainly I have been putting together a team of people that I can work with. Maybe that’s been at the back of my brain.

Or maybe, it’s just fun to draw Metamorpho as a jacket, and to give Cap another team to hang around with. Could be that, too, because I really, really like the Terrifics.

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