Document Corrupted.

Cap and I are in total agreement…

At this time, on Monday, I am waiting on documents to be sent to me that I asked for a full week ago.

That’s frustrating.

The idea that they are WASC related, and that I did not in fact sign up to be involved in WASC in any way shape or form, bother me immensely. Today, I will probably seek an audience with the principal in order to get the documents that I require, but really…I doubt that he will be available to see me at all. It is more a matter of “going through the motions”, so that I can at the very least claim I made a valid attempt of some kind to get the documents.

All of the after school “professional development” meetings are now focus groups about WASC. Students have been brought in as “stakeholders” and the documents are the main thrust of well…everything. That isn’t really how professional development or Faculty Meeting time should be spent, but it’s not like I have a Union that will act on those very real issues.

Being forced to spend time on something, I will generally try to do a good job. With that said, I requested several documents from various sources that know how important they would wind up being, and they weren’t delivered at all. That’s pretty straightforward to me. It means, in short, that as important as the WASC visit is, we aren’t serious about doing it right.

That’s fine to me. So long as we aren’t fake about it later in the game.

It’s possible that some WASC tools on Team If might send me some last minute documents to deal with, but I really doubt it. My central beef here is simple: if WASC is really such an important thing, you should do your best to provide the assets needed to produce a solid WASC assessment document. If it isn’t, don’t waste everyone’s time.

I’m actually going to make an effort to see the principal to get the documents that I need today. I don’t have any faith that he has the school’s best interests at heart, but he has his own interests to look out for. A good WASC is in his favor, and if I can find him, he should want to do whatever her can to make it happen.

That said…this WASC nonsense is just that. Nonsense.

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