Aquaman In: Please Recycle!

Panel One is so rough, even Cap feels bad for Aquaman.

This is mostly a post about Aquaman, who I haven’t taken a shot at for a while, and also about just being frustrated. Aquaman looks like he’s really in a bind in that panel, and really, really bummed about it.

Aquaman just doesn’t bring that much to the table with the Justice League or the Super Friends. Sure…he’s King of the Oceans. Sure, he has supreme dominion over sea life. He’s kind of super strong and durable, and can’t drown. Superman brings almost ALL of that to the table, as does Wonder woman, at higher levels of Great. Much higher.

No one, in the history of EVER, has debated that Superman might lose in an arm wrestle with Aquaman. Or that Wonder woman would have even a bead of sweat generated by that “challenge.”

Heck…J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter, brings more Generic Silver Age Power to the table than Aquaman. Most people don’t even know who he is, even though he is Strictly Better as a superhero than Aquaman.

Despite that, Aquaman has a major feature film approaching, which attempts to make him Look Cool. I honestly don’t think that’s possible, I just have that much of an inherent bias toward the very idea of the character. Perhaps too many episodes of the Super Friends are under the proverbial bridge, where I had to wonder why so many problems were happening under water? Or how much water Aquaman needed to get his strength back? Could he drink a glass of water, and be okay? Would it be alright for Batman to carry a mister of some kind? Did he lose all his strength at the hour mark, or did it gradually decline?

For all that worry about how his powers worked, all I got was Aquaman.

I was recently given an empirically adorable Hallmark Aquaman plush, who is pretty tiny, and have been carrying to work in my bag with me. It is possible that Sunset Shimmer has befriended him, as we can see from the smile on her face in Panel Two. I think that’s why I took a somewhat lighter handed approach to criticizing Aquaman, despite how rough Panel One really is.

Time spent freeing Aquaman from the perils of pollution, although it might be the right thing to do (it is!), is also time that delays from other superhero activities. I felt like that about the Tuesday WASC meetings, which ate up an hour.

No one came on time, and when they did, they were as equipped to do the tasks as Aquaman is for basic superheroing. By that, I mean not equipped at all. The meeting was slow, and often not useful, but the one thing that I can say is this: I finally got my huge amount of documents to look over, and analyze. I can at least sequester myself and go over those things, in an attempt to be productive.

WASC might be my Aquaman, in a proverbial sense. Something I have to help with, even though it shouldn’t be necessary.

And honestly…I actually feel bad for the guy in Panel One. That’s rough.

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