No More Clowning Around…!

She’s happy, because she’s putting a stop to clown based nonsense.

Amidst all of this WASC nonsense, the administration at the Edu-Mountain neglected to announce the due dates of the first report card. Which, incidentally, was today (Friday).

That’s unfair of me. It is true that one hundred percent of our meeting time is all about WASC (and some really sad “shout out” related mishaps), but they did actually announce the grades being due. They did so by a PA announcement on Wednesday morning, and a subsequent e-mail. WASC stuff is put on the school calendar, and pitched via specific social media groups with a rigid timeline. The grades that we are ostensibly at school to produce…that slips through the cracks.

It’s troubling. In addition, on Thursday (the day I missed art this week for, due to grades) my students chose to be…hard headed. I’m amazed at that, because I clued them in as to the coming report card. It was like a secondary test of practical intelligence: “report cards are due tomorrow…should I be a jerk to my teachers today?” You would think that the answer would be a solid “no,” but modern students have an often tangential understanding of causes and effects.

Obviously, grades don’t change based on that sort of thing. Grades are numbers derived from a consistency of quality of work and empirical tests.

That little column for my comments, though? That’s my time to shine. A large number of “Parent Conference Requested,” or “exhibits inconsiderate behavior”, or both made it to report cards that otherwise needn’t have been sullied by them.

In other words, Thursday was a Day. With the capital letter, for emphasis and tone.

It’s in the past though. In fact, by the end of the actual school day, I had my grades ready to go and submitted, had handled various management crises in class, and had enough time left to play a game or two of Magic with an excellent Senior, while another one did homework. Then we all joked around with one another for about twenty minutes, before I needed to hit the road.

Cap has punched out a couple of Evil Clowns this week. In this case, I was going for a more dynamic composition, and more of an Early Silver Age DC Evil Clown. The thing about Evil Clowns is this…somehow, there always seem to be more of them.

Stay tough, True Believers, and deal with your Clowns quickly, whatever they might be.

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