Compulsory Contributions.

The ongoing WASC drama continues today….

Today is a Professional Development Tuesday, which means that the students get out of school early, and I am supposed to go to trainings or “common planning time.” Instead of normal “planning time” we are once again sitting down to deal with committee driven meetings that have the intention of creating these WASC documents.

I’m not going to talk for too long about them, because quite frankly, I don’t really want to think about them. The short form is that we as a staff are compelled to do these things, regardless of the fact that there is almost no educational value. The deadline for the initial round of documents looms large (next week) and the Suits are pretty agitated about it.

I’m mostly agitated about losing instructional time and not being able to plan future instructional time. There’s a ton of things that administration wants us to do, like have common assessments for student skills, but the time that’s allocated to do that is now re-tasked to bureaucratic WASC business. There’s always the offer of additional “after hours” pay to get the remainder of the (necessary) work done, but honestly…I come in early and leave late already.

I’ve wanted to draw the “skull in a jar” lady for a while. She makes a pretty intimidating henchman, even if she only carries some sort of gun. It’s not everyone that carries around their head in a jar full of some kind of fluid. with that said…if you’re not using your head, you can clearly keep it in a jar.

Panel two was the real thing that drove the content though. The Dark Lord in his usual Fake Friendly post, but with his new duds, and Cap her usual confused self on that. Cap is wearing a new jacket that we will probably NEVER see again…I can definitely see remastering the panel. Still…with there being a whole lot of Ravnica talk at my Magic: The Gathering Club at lunch, it seemed like she should be wearing a jacket reflecting the sensibilities of the upcoming release. The asymmetric patterns are very much like Jace’s Ravnica-wear, which seemed on point, but I really don’t want to keep drawing.

I’ll make it through the meeting…I fully intend to mentally opt out. In my opinion, I have already contributed much more to a bureaucratic function that I never volunteered for than I had ever meant to. With Yom Kippur looming ahead, it seems like I can more or less take a bit of breather from unwanted tasks to save the principal’s @#$.

After all, he did tell me that “no one here owes anything to anyone.” I’m just paying attention.

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