Three Steps And A Jump.

A quick posture study for today.

I rarely draw Cap running toward the point of view, mainly because the perspective is really hard to get right. Having the day off (It’s Yom Kippur) I thought that for part of the day I’d engage in a productive posture study. I think the sketch would make a great seventies/eighties style Marvel Cover Symbol, and I’m really quite happy with it.

Running is hard to get right. You have to provide the idea of motion, without being able to actually show it. A figure running toward you is even harder, because of two things: you can’t see all of the parts of the body, but it has to look like they are all present, and you need to get the perspective right. It’s a worthwhile thing to practice, because it makes for excellent covers (in comics, or course) and action panels. I definitely need to practice it more.

I imagine this is how Cap launches into flight, actually. She’s not good at it, so instead of just gracefully rising into flight (like the modern Superman or Supergirl), I have always thought she takes three steps or so at super speed, and then just jumps. That certainly would provide the more wild, awkward locomotion that I’ve always envisioned.

There’s not much more to today’s brief post. I’m not always super wordy, just most of the time.

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