Meanwhile, Back In The Badlands…

I think she has Edgar Allan Poe as some kind of expert in graveyard stuff? Sure.

It is Friday, and I am exhausted. Despite the day off for Yom Kippur, it has been a long week for me, and many of the parts of it kind of beat me up a little bit. I drew this sketch quickly on Thursday night, while nursing a bit of a migraine headache. I like how it weirdly came together as a result.

This week has had educational high points for me, despite the Mega Tool status of school leadership. That probably has a whole lot to do with my presentation of a number of Edgar Allan Poe short stories over the past two weeks. We have acted them out in class, which is unintentionally hilarious, and the content has been high interest to my students. I’ve had students asking me what else to read by Poe, or just for good things to read in general. That’s pretty @#$%ing great.

I actually posted some short comic adaptations of Poe stories to the Schoology LMS that runs my class. Among those were a Bernie Wrightson adaptation of “Black Cat” for Creepy, and a Denny O’Neil adaptation of “Tell-Tale Heart.” Students have actually looked at those, and enjoyed them, as well as the black and white adaptation of “Cask of Amontillado” that I just posted today. So…add to the love of excellent literature the idea that I’ve exposed students to excellent comic creators…and I feel pretty good about what I’m doing.

Obviously, that’s how Cap and Sunset wound up teamed up with Poe here. I liked the idea that Cap would be overconfident, and Poe super nervous. I wanted some sort of crazy sky effect, and decided that they idea of something cosmic in the background with speedlines would be awesome, and that produced the idea in my mind of supersonic vampires.

I might even draw a subsequent “action panel” of dealing with those vampires, but I’m not sure. Cap is pretty @#$%ing mean, she would mostly clothesline them or trip them at superspeeds. She doesn’t really have to do any of that though…she’s rolling out with Sunset Shimmer, her Solar Unicorn friend. She just needs to light up, and even supersonic vampires will burst into dust.

Maybe Poe would be less nervous if Cap told him all that.

Still…this is the real productivity that happens in the Badlands, far from Councils and Edu-Lords. That’s the way I like it, True Believers.

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