Everybody Had Kung Pao Chicken…!

This is pretty much about my dinner a couple of nights ago.

I really liked the Kung Pao Chicken, and it got me thinking about how a Silver Age Superhero might order their dinner. There’s no super subtext here, no metaphor to be looked for, nothing of any real depth. It’s the start of the week, and honestly, nothing has happened yet.

Drawing people doing ordinary things can be surprisingly challenging, as well as drawing ordinary, non super heroic, people. This was an exercise in that, crosshatching, and hand lettering, which I haven’t done in ages. A quick sketch done with limited time, and really, sometimes those are the most interesting circumstances to create under.

Fingers crossed for Monday. For all of us, True Believers. Even if it doesn’t go well, we can all at least have good Chinese food for dinner….and sometimes, that’s what it’s all about.


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