…Do Something, Tool!


The header of today’s post comes from a slogan that is all over the main building of school. Posters everywhere say the catchy “See Something, Say Something,” which was popularized after the mass school shootings earlier this year. My eternal criticism of that is that at some point, someone might need to DO SOMETHING, and I totally expect that to be me.

In my second period today, two student who I know already have probation officers (it’s Tenth Grade) rolled in wearing gang colors. I didn’t make a big deal about it…instead, I texted the VP that I trust about it. Sadly, he was off campus, but he stated (rather quickly( that he would refer it to out Dean of Discipline.

I ran into the Dean later in the day, and asked if he pulled the students. He claimed to not know what I was talking about, except…the VP group texted him (and me) and he replied. Further, he then accused me of “profiling,” because “I couldn’t be sure” that the students were wearing gang colors.

I’ve actually been in the district longer than this lazy tool, and more importantly, have gone to both Gang Awareness and Active Shooter trainings. At one point, when a massive anti gang task force was rolling out in a neighborhood where I taught I was the “boots on the ground” guide to the area. In short…

…I think I know @#$%ing gang colors when I see them.

I’m angry about it, but it made me think a whole lot about school referral systems. We see these shootings in the news, and later on the many ways that “we should have known” come forward, and everyone is angry that no one acted. In this case, I actively referred two students for a violation of the dress code, and actually fronting real affiliation with a local criminal street gang, and nothing was done. In fact, our Dean had the audacity to suggest that because I’m Jewish and from the West Side, I might be “profiling” students.

No small amount of rage on this one, True Believers. Thankfully, there are already steps in motion.

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