Delirium Returns…With More Fish.

A quick, pretty abstract sketch.

This is a quick, but highly relevant sketch.

Last year, I spent real time working on dealing with the most prevalent drug dealer on our campus. As a person….I actually liked him. As a student, there were major issues, as might be imagined. Ultimately, he was moved along, but it took a whole lot of effort.

Given how the system works, he is due to return to campus tomorrow. I’ve taken a whole lot of meetings related to this subject, as I think that the individual student deserves all possible chances…but he might not be all that great for the bulk of the school community. That’s a tough line to tread, actually.

As a result, I wanted to draw Neil Gaiman’s Delirium character, who always seems like she is full of some kind of federally controlled substance. She is likable but hard to control or deal with, much like my returning student. I had drawn her once in the past with respect to my complex feelings about the student in question, and felt the need to reprise that.

I have pretty complicated ideas with respect to this student’s return. On the one hand…I think every student deserves a chance to succeed. On the other, I am reluctant to have a virtual Kingpin return to the scene of my campus. However, this student…tends to sample their own product. So really, they are less a Kingpin figure than the Delirium character, with a kind of profit motive.

It was fun to draw the fish. That’s my take away here, True Believers.

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